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Here are the teams that made the cut on Friday night. The list of teams presenting tomorrow may vary, if teams change names, teams drop, or any new teams form:

  1. Mappapp
  2. Headlight
  3. Food Viva
  4. At First Sight
  5. The Sidekick
  6. Laundry Alert
  7. Lightning Lock
  8. The Academic Guru
  9. Player Two
  10. Able Age
  11. Power
  12. Remit
  13. Free Now
  14. The Deedz App
  15. Lender
  16. Zap the App
  17. Campus Share
  18. United Renters
  19. Bee Mo
Ron Gans

  • Lompoc LAUNCHpad

    Thanks! Long drive back to Lompoc and working early on Saturday, so we had to miss the end! We’ll be back tomorrow to see what’s been happening.