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Are you involved with the Energy Industry? Then you are invited to be part of an exciting revolution in how business problems get solved and how new startups are formed. At Startup Weekend Tulsa Energy Edition we are introducing a ground-breaking concept called Reverse Pitch Night.

What is Reverse Pitch Night? Reverse Pitch Night is an event where professionals, executives and technologists come together to share problems and challenges in the energy industry that they would like to see solved.

Where did this idea come from? A common pitfall for entrepreneurs is that they either try to solve problems that don’t exist or they chase the elusive golden goose by trying to be the next Google or Facebook. The odds of a startup becoming the next Facebook are incredibly low, but the odds of a startup succeeding by providing solutions to real problems that companies struggle with are quite good. Reverse Pitch Night is about nudging aspiring entrepreneurs along the latter path.

What problems or ideas would be good to share? Ask yourself what problems do you or your organization deal with that create the most frustration, cause cost overruns and project delays or simply keep you awake at night.

Pushing beyond identifying these problems, perhaps your organization has ideas on how to solve certain problems, but does not have the resources or time. In business it is inevitable that we must prioritize and even great ideas might not make the cut. So what if a startup solved one of these problems or developed one of your ideas and offered it back to you as a product or service?

Sound too good to be true? We realize that many problems are beyond what a small startup can accomplish but we also have seen some mind blowing projects built at many Startup Weekends. These projects often surprise outsiders and veteran professionals alike. Much of the speed and efficiency for these projects can be attributed to open source software tools and libraries that have radically transformed how quickly things can be built. A simpler reason for such phenomenal success is that these teams don’t know what can’t be done. Thinking you can achieve something makes a huge difference in whether you will.

Still not convinced? What if we told you that we had a magic way for you to recruit some of the brightest minds in Tulsa to work for your company? That’s right even if you don’t think these entrepreneurs can solve your problems at Startup Weekend think of this as an opportunity to test drive some great future employees or contractors that could have lasting impact on your organization’s bottom line.

How can I get involved? Have 5 minutes? Then take a brief survey and tell us about an energy industry problem or opportunity that affects you, your company, or your industry. From there you will be presented with some additional options to get more involved.

Questions? Contact us at: tulsa@startupweekend.org.


scott phillips