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Former University of the Sunshine Coast student Jessie Lee pitched the winning idea at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast 2015. Here, she shares her reflections on the weekend that was.

“Wow, what a weekend! So many emotions are rolled into the space of 54 hours. From meeting likeminded people to gaining inspiration from successful entrepreneurs, Startup Weekend gives you both of these and more.

“For me, Startup Weekend was a learning experience. As a journalism student I was there to learn about businesses and technology. My idea was based on a traditional software system, but needed to use today’s technology to keep up with the times – something I had no clue about and therefore no idea where to start.

“We weren’t voted into the top group in the beginning and had to form our own team. Thankfully two of my classmates had worked in the industry I pitched and wanted to help out. A team of three, with some great help along the way, is all you need to get an idea rolling.

“Honest feedback is what you get over the weekend. Some people believe in your idea, others don’t, but the inspiration you see reflected in your mentors’ eyes keeps you going and wanting to know more. The best thing is I’ve made some friends along the way who have freely given a lot of advice over the year.

“My advice for someone who has an idea is to pitch it. At least for the feedback you’ll receive. Of course, even if you decide not to pitch, joining a team and learning as much as possible is what Startup Weekend is all about.

“Everyone is there to help someone achieve their dreams, so why not use this weekend to learn some skills on how to make your dreams a reality too?”

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— By Jessie Lee

Jarna Baudinette