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Hey there, guys!

Startup Weekend Varna was quite an experience for all of us. We, as organizers, would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you, guys. We are proud that there are so many creative, innovative and cool people in our country.

vocable vocableteam

The winner of this edition is VocAble. VocAble is a learning platform for busy people. It combines high-tech namely virtual reality and highly optimized methods of learning and memorization to create an immersive experience of language acquisition involving all the senses – visual, kinestetic, auditory. They use gamification to present their lessons in fun and engrossing way so that they can increase retention tenfold. (FB page: https://www.facebook.com/wordventurevr)


Second place was taken by DaBuddy. DaBuddy is a mobile app which helps you find people to do fun sports with instantly. It does that by connecting people interested in the same hobbies and activities. Our main purpose is to make people go outside instead of staying in front of the computer all day.


Third place was taken by Remo. They provide the simple and cheap device to control your AC…and not only.

We have also got another two awards. The special award and your choice – RailHostel. It’s literally a hostel in a train…or even easier: the hostel IS the train! You will be visiting Europe in the most inspiring way: travel by night so you can save time. On top of that you get to enjoy the time while going from point A to B in a comfortable and familiar hostel environment where you can have lots of fun. In the morning when you arrive at your destination and wish to continue your trip in the evening, you can leave all your stuff in the hostel and the train will be waiting for you. (FB page: https://www.facebook.com/railhostel?fref=ts )

This edition was completely awesome – 100 participants; 12 promising startups and lots of fun. Many thanks one more time and see you soon, we hope. Stay tuned cause soon we will have some massive news for you!

Simeon Nikolov