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A lot of great ideas were formed at earlier Startup Weekends. Read here the story behind Radbonus and the founder Nora Grazzini.

Where did you first hear about Startup Weekend Cologne?
I subscribed for the STARTPLATZ newsletter at that time, because I was fascinated about the startup scene and wanted to stay up to date.

Where did you work back then?
I’ve been an art director at Interone / BBDO.

Why did you participate in Startup Weekend Cologne?
As I was working full time I wasn’t able to participate in “normal workshops” during the week. When I saw that there is an event on a weekend, which helps you test your ideas, I took the chance and applied. I really didn’t know anything regarding startups and just stumbled upon this possibility by chance.

Did you have an idea for a startup then or did you join another group?
I didn’t think about realizing my own idea during the weekend, but I was infected by the spirit and proposed an old idea I had for some time. The people liked it. After voting my idea was one of those which could be realized.


How did you experience the weekend? What did you (not) like?
I had no plan back then and suddenly there was a team looking up to me, waiting for an instruction. I had no experience, no knowledge which tools to use. It was a huge chaos… But we kept going and presented some good results in the end. We made it to the third place – supercrazy! On that Sunday evening I knew that this was home, that this was where I belong.

What happened after the Startup Weekend?
I applied immediately for the STARTPLATZ scholarship and got it. I changed my whole life, quit my job. I found a place where I feel comfortable. And I was willing to keep it.

Are there people from Startup Weekend still in your team?
No, unfortunately, the team didn’t fit well in the long term. And it was a long way to find the right people.

radbonus team

What is your résumé?
The Startup Weekend changed my life and I’m grateful for that. It was a lot of fun!

Whom would you recommend to participate?
People who are afraid of starting their own business.

Will you participate as a coach at Startup Weekend Cologne 2017?
On that weekend I’ll be on the road, presenting my own startup Radbonus. But I’m offering open office hours at STARTPLATZ every week regarding design issues. 🙂

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with us!

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Victoria Blechman