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Student Entrepreneurs

With the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates who on the quest to follow their hearts set to tread on the ’road not taken’ at an early age and strike it rich when they were college students, the trend since has always been on the rise. In India, as the government is coming up with schemes like Make In India and Start Up India and earning a degree becoming more flexible, starting up is no more the cliched risk but a very viable option for those who want to be independent.

Talking about the Ritesh Agarwal whose awe-inspiring story of Oyo Rooms’ rise, which completely revolutionized the hotel business in India, offering predictable and affordable rooms across India. Ritesh started his business when he was seventeen, overcoming many challenges, imitators, skipping college, learning along his journey to build an immaculate business model.

Universities and college environment adds up to the enthusiasm, with entrepreneurship cells and incubation centres coming up inside campuses students can make the best out of the available opportunities being in a safe environment.

Realising that it’s the youth that can imagine and innovate to change the way we live, and set out early unfettered by the fear of failure, eDC IIT Delhi is offering discounts for students to participate in Startup Weekend, IIT Delhi where students get their first exposure towards the Entrepreneurial World where they blend in with other entrepreneurship enthusiast for various backgrounds.

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