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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

From the first time, the organizers of Think BIG! Startup Weekend Boulder got together and agreed that helping participants connect with potential co-founders, mentors and the greater Boulder startup community was of utmost importance.

Ideas are great, but we all know the importance of a strong team in making things come to life. So at Think BIG! Startup Weekend Boulder, you’ll connect and work with other smart, passionate people en route to developing the best idea you can.

This approach of putting individuals together to see how well they work together is one Jesse Lawrence knows well. He runs his own PlaySpaces associated with his Startup Studio Boulder BITS. PlaySpaces brings together teams to work on pre-validated ideas from concept to pitch. For Jesse, the ideas are the easy part: the magic is in pulling together a great team that can bring it to life. Prior to starting Boulder BITS, Jesse was a professor at Stanford University and has been involved with several startups ranging from video technology to human safety and connected (IOT) devices.

Jesse is just one of the many great mentors you’ll meet at Think BIG! Startup Weekend Boulder Nov 11–13, 2016. [Note: Boulder BITS is also a sponsor of the event.]

A few weeks back, I asked a local front-end developer and aspiring entrepreneur why he’d never attended a Startup Weekend. His response? He could stay at home and work on a project himself for free. Which is true. If you just want to create a proof of concept, you don’t need Startup Weekend.

But if you want to want more: if you want to connect with some really-freaking-smart, passionate people and start a company, you can’t go at it alone. Come join us.

You have something to share, be it passion, curiosity or a great idea. Everyone who attends has something incredible to offer. We can’t wait to work on something together.

Think BIG! Startup Weekend Boulder. Nov 11–13, 2016.
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Andrea Hill