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– a collaborative post by Dale Fairclough, Christopher Girdwood, and Tom Beckett

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Here are three ideas our organizers worked on during a previous Startup Weekend:


Taste Buds:

Taste Buds was launched at Startup Weekend Garden Grove 2015 and the team that created it took home second place that weekend. The idea was a brilliant combination of Tinder and food; an idea that the whole crowd, including the judges, could get behind.

The basic premise was that finding people to try a new restaurant with can be difficult. Friends can be busy or uninterested in the newest restaurants in town, but who wants to go out and eat alone? Taste buds was built to solve this problem by connecting people with similar food interests and allowing them to delight in the exquisite fare of their local town, or a place they were looking to visit.

The team did an amazing job of putting together a professional video and getting a prototype in front of the judges. The presentation was well polished and they provided exactly the content they needed to, finishing just as the five minute mark was hit. A well-deserved second place finish.

1,000 True Fans:

The 60 Second Pitch: “In the connected world we live in today where people can easily communicate with others that share very focused niche interests, someone talented enough at what they do could find 1000 people somewhere in the world that would be willing to pay them to continue to share their skill.”

A lifestyle Kickstarter… Crowdfunding for content providers… (We never quite found the perfect analogy to tote around, like the Uber of Dating.) In other words, you would pay someone a small monthly subscription so that they could continue to make cool content that you really like. As a result, you would be helping support this content producer (ex. Musician, Artist, Gamer, etc.) by allowing them to focus more on their craft and potentially quit their day job, all so that they could spend more time to become even better at what they do! In turn, you would get direct and early access to any new content (ex. New songs, videos, write-ups, etc.) and other exclusive perks. Think about it: Do you know a gifted musician-friend (or artist) who is so talented that they could “make it big” one day, but currently they hold down a standard nine to five to pay the bills? With more time to devote to their passion, could they one day become famous for what they currently do with their spare time?

The team consisted of the guy who pitched the idea, three French tourists, someone who was literally graduating from their coding program that Sunday, and another developer who just wanted to work with a random group of people. 1000 True Fans ultimately earned Honorable Mention and a crazy, informative, and fun experience.


Leaky Faucet:

The idea is simple. Build social capital in neighborhoods around the country (or world) by asking neighbors to fix small household problems like a leaky faucet for a small fee. For example, you would call the “Smith Family” down the street if your cat was stuck in a tree instead of calling the local Fire Department.

This mobile app would allow residents in a community to post household projects for other app users to bid on.  When the project is reviewed and the bid is accepted, the two neighbors would exchange contact info and the job would be completed. The mobile app would collect a small service fee on each transaction.

Leaky Faucet did not place in the top three for a few reasons stated by the judges. The primary concern was the question of who (if anyone) would cover liability and insurance for certain projects that might cause injury. Another concern was, if your neighbor was hired and did a poor job, would you really want to give them a lower rating? At the end of the day, you’re still going to be neighbors.

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Tom Beckett