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Startup Weekend Bhubaneswar saw some great startup ideas coming up. These are the brief desription and link to of them.

Maxokraft is a marketing startup which aims in bridging the gap between customer and offline traders. It provides a platform for the offline traders (Brick & Mortar Shops) to adopt this mode of marketing at a cheap price and help customers discover their product in their own convenience before purchasing it. This saving from trader side due to efficient marketing can be passed on to customers in form of more offers and discounts

Golden Dogs

A website to connect Dog lovers with potential sellers of all breeds (KCI registered) and we provide them a platform to use services like Healthcare, Insurance, Dog walkers, trainers, Food, Breeding.

For better connection with customers, it also organizes events like Share your Dog Story and Pic of the week.

This is a fashion website which’ll help customers design clothes in their own unique way and wear them. This enables to make people designer clothes by themselves. And also provides great styles at cheaper rates.

They are trying to build a community of people around the globe to give valuable unbiased reviews to various product and services.

1) They are providing diversified reviews on a unified platform
2) It’s a not a service or a Product. It’s a Community.
3) Providing Unbiased rating and reviews through certified techniques

Blood Buddies
It is an online platform which’ll swiftly connect Blood Donors and those who are in need of it. It’s a life saving idea.

It provides Pick, drop & store solutions to make you feel contented with your luggage. Helps to keep your luggage and makes you feel free to do any work.

The Thellewalas
It connects all the street food vendors to a single and provides home delivery of their items to various places across the city.

It facilitates the businesses to get their apps installed by customers. It’s provides sync between PC and Mobile providing ease to customers and profits to businesses.

The Repairers
To allow the service persons and the customers going along through a medium. It connects the service persons to the people who are in need of their services.

The Stellar Grid
It helps to provide B to C solutions for Solar System installations. Helps people install solar power systems in the environment thus conserving it.

A one stop solution for all your travel problems. It provides you extensive details and reviews of areas, wherever you travel.

Exact Reviews
A service to provide expert reviews to help customers make informed choices. It’ll have an expert team which will give proper reviews that actually helps customers.

Anubhav Routray