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What a Great Weekend! The teams were preparing for their pitches till the very last minute! Everyone who attended the event was a winner, but there can only be one true winner. So, with no further ado, we have the top 3 winners of Startup Weekend Stamford!

1st Place – Pop.Up Shoppees


Utilizing recycled shipping containers and fabricating them into pop up businesses that will prove to be affordable, sustainable, and mobile… AWESOME!

2nd Place: Deja You


Social made simple. A group chat for social networks. http://www.dejayouapp.com/

3rd Place: Credit Spring


Prosper for pay-day loans, real-time, online. Get out of the pay-day loan cycle, and build a credit history. www.creditspring.us

To all participants; please review the judges comments on the Score My Pitch platform, http://scoremypitch.com/eScorecard-detail.cfm?eventID=54#.U02G8uaxLnJ.


Thank you to everyone who participated. This event was a blast, we can’t wait till next year!

Will Haire