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“第十一屆 Startup Weekend 進階版” 即將在 11/13~15 台南 的 南臺科技大學 舉行,而這場 Startup Weekend Taiwan (百人創業周末) 是由一群對創業充滿熱忱的義工團隊所主辦,期待透過與台南在地社群的合作,在短短的54小時內,磨擦出許多意想不到的火花。短短三天的時間,就好像”創業實境秀”一樣,從創意發想、找齊隊友,到走入街頭、向陌生路人做市場驗證,再到討論出商業模式、發表產品原型(prototype),全部都濃縮在短短的54小時之內,參加者必須在時間壓力下,和隊友拼戰完成project,經歷最精實的創業處境。

“Startup Weekend Eleventh GSB Edition” will be held in 11 / 13-15 at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Tainan. This Startup Weekend Taiwan is organized by a group of passionate volunteers, and are working with entrepreneurship community in Tainan, hoping to sparks innovation in this 54 hours event. In just three days, the entrepreneurship crash course entails creative thinking, finding teammates, market validation with stranger, discuss business model, create product prototype: all are concentrated in just 54 hours. Participants are under time pressure, to cooperate with his/her teammate to complete the project, and experience what lean startup is all about.

而這次的Startup Weekend台南場,也是台灣歷屆以來,第二次與全球同步參加Global Startup Battle,每個城市的優勝者,將有機會站上世界級的舞台,與全球超過250個城市的創業家們,共同角逐冠軍寶座。

This time Startup Weekend will be held in Tainan, and it will be the second time for in Taiwan to participate in the Global Startup Battle; winner in each city will have the opportunity to stand on the world class stage, and compete with over 250 cities worldwide startup teams for the title.

期待能夠讓大家體驗到創業家的精神,找到解決問題的方法,並且體驗到精實創業,以及找到適合自己的共同創辦人(co-founder)。Startup Weekend也非常歡迎所有不同背景(如工程師、設計師、商業背景等)的朋友們一同參加,不論是已經在創業的夥伴,抑或者只是剛接觸創業的朋友們,只要有願意、積極參與的心,我們在 11/13~15 南臺科技大學等你來喔。

Expecting everyone to experience the spirit of the entrepreneur, to find solutions to problems, to experience lean startup, and to find their own co-founders. Startup Weekend is open to all professionals with different backgrounds (such as engineers, designers, business, etc.) to join in. Whether you’re already in a startup, or new to entrepreneurship, as long as you’re willing to participate, we will see you at November 13 – 15 at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Tainan.


The organizing team is very grateful to receive strong community support in Tainan, particularly thanks to “Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science”, “Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology”, “Southern Star Xelerator”  and  and other community partners.

心動不如趕快行動,我們將在11/7(六)下午2:00~4:30舉行前期活動的說明分享會,地點在台南文創園區 DIY 教室 (北門路2段16號3樓,豆趣留聲咖啡廳樓上),誠摯邀請所有對台灣新創有興趣的夥伴,一起來交流!

Why not act today, we will be holding a pre-event session on November 7th from 2:00 ~ 4: 30 pm, the event will be held at Tainan Cultural & Creative Park DIY classroom (3rd floor, No. 16, North Gate Road Section 2, upstairs of S-C DNA Coff), we sincerely invite all interested startups partners in Taiwan!




Startup Weekend Tainan 臉書粉絲專頁 Startup Weekend Tainan Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/SWTainan?fref=ts

Startup Weekend Tainan 官方網站 Startup Weekend Tainan Official Sitehttp://www.up.co/communities/taiwan/tainan/startup-weekend/7707

Startup Weekend Tainan 前期活動分享說明會 Startup Weekend Tainan Pre-Event



所有最新的消息請關注 Startup Weekend Tainan FB 粉絲專頁以及官網,如果有任何建議或者疑問都可以到粉絲團留言,或者可以寫email到主辦單位的信箱 tainan@startupweekend.org

For the latest event information, please check Startup Weekend Tainan FB page and the official website, if you have any suggestions or questions please leave us a message on Facebook or email us at: tainan@startupweekend.org

Susan Zhang