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Today’s web, Tomorrow’s IoT : Techstars Startupweekend Paris Iot 2019


12 years ago, a very simple concept was born, we take a weekend and release a 54h event where participants starts from a 1min pitch idea and take the challenge of bringing out an entire experience of living the life of a startup. That is Startupweekend and this is the story of small edition happening in Paris around IoT Theme.

Transition from internet to the internet of everything

Statistics (Source : globalData) says that the global internet of things market reached 130 Billion dollars in 2018 and will reach 318 Billion dollars in 2013. Today devices such as Goole Home or Amazon Echo allow you do things that you could’nt image 20 years ago like vocally asking directions, ask weather and that’s crazy ! [Yesterday science fiction is hppenning today]

The transition from immaterial to materia has already reached, its is a silent change without. The question is what is really IoT ? IoT is concept difficult to describe because it’s not a recent concept. Should we consider the use of mobile phones as IoT ?

“The world don’t need gadgets, it needs sustainable solutions for the problems we are facing. There is a lot IoT project these last years but only a few really succeed. You may have surpassed all technological boundaries, the only thins that matters is to ANSWER THE NEEDS AND DEMANDS. That’s the main difference between invention and innovation. You reach innovation when you succeed into bringing your product into the market, that should be only main focus of Startupweekend projet.” Startupweekend Paris Iot Coach

Organizing an IoT Themed Startupweekend


Following the Startupweekend Paris & Lyon IoT in 2018, here we are in 2019. Organizing a startupweekend is not one of the simpliest thing in the word, a year before the core team started to decide do make the event and to plan dates. Few months later, recruitements for orther organizers start, this prospection is maily focused on people that already know the concept, anf four months before the website and the ticketing opens. IMPORTANT :  Experience proves that people who never participated have difficulties bringing and organizing the Startupweekend Experience regarding the major differences between this kind of event and other kinds.

The organizing team was formerd by gathering former participant passionate around the theme, most of the organisers came joined Startupweeend at different editions : Refugees, Iot, Maker, Madagascar, Digital …

“What is wonderful with organizing a startupweekend is that is edition is a whole new experience. Lead organizer, press relations, community manager, logo designer, food organizer, sponsors relationship and as many roles as many  edition. Changing role at each Startupweekend unveil a new vision.” Startupweekend IoT organizer

Startupweekend experience teached most of us a key thind organizing workshops prior to the event such as  :

  • How to pitch a project in 1 minute at BeNext
  • Prototyping an IoT device in 54h at SigFox
  • Bootcamp : presenting former participants at BeNext

The following workshop happens during the weekend :

  • A very short design workshop held by Iqili to help participants create their visual identity


Find out the event details from :

Many thanks to all those people that supported us, all the partners that encourage such intiatives to the organizers and staff that volunteers. Because for each of our events, we kept this single motto : GIVE FIRST

All that said, have a nice day and join us at paris-iot@startupweekend.org

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