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This post compiles an overview of some of the favourite tools and resources for bootstrapping a startup and employing growth hacking tactics. So, these tools will help you work faster and smarter to get your Startup off the ground. They can also help your team to boost the process during and after a Startup Weekend. So, have a look at these tools first to know best which tool to use when.

70 Awesome Tools for Growth Hacking and Bootstrapping your Startup

Most of the tools mentioned are free or at least have free trials, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the product in advance and add significant value to your startup projects.

Keep on track

So, you want to build your own startup? First of all keep yourself accountable for making progress on your startup:

Generate and organize your ideas

If you have no idea yet, get inspired by watching these 50 Groundbreaking Startup Ideas from Twitter, Airbnb to Evernote and many more.

  • germ.io  lets you capture every eureka moment and very idea and take it through to execution
  • MindNode Pro or MindMeister helps you mindmapping your ideas

Get a name

Is your choosen name available on all services and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit..)?

  • Namecheckr Check domain & social username availability across multiple networks

Design your Business Model – Lean Methodology Sources

  • Business Model Canvas a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business idea
  • Ash Maurya’s Lean Canvas is similar to Business Model Canvas but outlines a more problem focused approach targeting entrepreneurs and startup businesses
  • Experiment Board Use the lean validation/experiment board to describe, validate and refine your business idea.

Find a co-founder or outsource specific tasks

If you haven’t found a co-founder at Startup Weekend you can use these sites to find a buddy. Or if your team does not have all the skills needed you can outsource specific tasks:

  • CoFoundersLab Find a co-founder for your startup in any city, any industry
  • Founder2be Another online platform that helps to find a co-founder
  • oDesk Find freelancers on oDesk
  • Fiverr  is the marketplace for creative & professional services
  • Elance Find rated web developers, mobile programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketing pros, virtual assistants and more
  • 99designs is the world’s largest online marketplace for design
  • legal Connects startups with qualified specialists to help solve their legal issue

Do Market Research and Customer Validation

  • Statista is a leading international statistics portal on the internet
  • SimilarWeb Analyze your competitors’ traffic and identify growth opportunities
  • Use Moat for real-time, multi-platform marketing & ad analysis of your competitors
  • Google Trends Check the currently trending topic or find the search trend for any keyword of your choice
  • SEMRush Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers
  • SurveyMonkey and Google Forms is the simple way to create surveys for customer validation
  • KeywordTool.io is the best free alternative to Google Keyword Planner

Pitch your Startup Idea

Build your MVP – Prototyping, Mockups & Wireframing

Tools that help you build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

  • QuickMVP help you to test your ideas, without wasting time or money
  • Optimizely One optimization platform for websites and mobile apps (A/B testing etc.)
  • Marvel a free prototyping and collaboration tool that lets designers transform their files into interactive, sharable prototypes viewable on any device
  • POP transforms your paper sketches into click-through prototypes in minutes
  • Instapage Build fully-functional landing pages on the fly
  • Proto.io is enabling users to create fully interactive mobile app prototypes
  • UI Faces Find and generate sample avatars for user interfaces
  • Balsamiq Mockups is a wireframing tool
  • Moqups is a HTML5 app for creating resolution-independent SVG mockups & wireframes
  • Pixate allows you to create sophisticated animations and interactions for mobile

Get your Design ready

Do Marketing, Social Media & Blogging

  • Buffer is a easy way to publish on social media
  • Hootsuite Best Social media dashboard tool which let you manage all social media channels from single dashboard
  • Mailchimp An email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results
  • Aweber email marketing software for bloggers which offers email automation, personalisation and offers pre-built template to send beautiful Email newsletter
  • Buzzsumo Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.
  • Portent Content idea generator

Do Cost Calculation and Finance

Startup Stock Photos

Organize yourself and your team, collaborate digital

  • Slack will bring all your communication together in one place through real-time messaging
  • Trello Keeps track of everything and manage your To-Dos
  • Evernote collect and organize your ideas, notes and inspiration
  • Yanado Tasks management inside Gmail
  • IFTTT  helps you to automate business processes and gives control over apps you love
  • Wetransfer Free transfer up to 2GB
  • Dropbox Free space up to 2GB
  • Drp.io Free, fast, private and easy image and file hosting.
  • Asana is a handy project management tool that helps you keep your team and your projects organized in one place
  • Basecamp project management tool that allows different teams to seamlessly collaborate.


Still lacking some tool to get your startup off the ground? Check out this and this site for even more resources and tools! What other resources allow startups to work faster and smarter? Do you have other suggestions for the Startup Weekend teams? Feel free to tweet any ideas to @SWWHH2015 or me directly @contenthorizon.


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Theresa Grotendorst

  • Meanu Normia

    For Staying organized and collaborating remotely my favourite are evernote and proofhub. Both are great tools for be productive while working on several projects.

  • Thank you so much for including Instapage on this list! We are honored.

  • AndersSchmidtHansen

    Aww thank you so much for adding Pitcherific to the list. Warms my heart Theresa 🙂

  • Filip Vandegehuchte

    Hi , nice list , Requesting customer feedback with a widget on your site is a good strategy too … http://www.freesurveycreator.c… is 100% free

  • Nice article. I would also add Slack, awesome communication tool for remote teams, that we’ve been using right from the start at BookingSync.

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  • John Alex

    I appreciate these tools, These tools are very helpful for us, I recently read a great startup success stories 2015 for Small Businesses owners and entrepreneurs . it is also useful platform or resource by which anyone can understand the factor that influence the startup success.

  • Stefano G V FaNo

    Awesome list, I would add ToolSalad.com, a curated directory of online marketing tools organized and ranked by awesomeness

  • Wonderful, thoughtful and well organized list Theresa.

    Have you thought about adding ‘packages’ of onsite marketing tools for website owners such as popups, promo bars, social buttons, chat etc to your list? These tools help the website owner get more subscribers and sales at the same time. We offer these tools (half are free forever) at Zotabox.

    We believe ‘packages’ of onsite marketing tools such as SumoMe, HelloBar etc will become the wave of the future for their convenience, flexibility and customization possibilities. We hope you check us out and tell us if you agree. Thank you for you valuable blog.

  • Marcell Gogan
  • Kuba Rogalski

    I use a few tools from the list and there’s still so many more to get to know! What I think could be a good addition to the marketing, social media & blogging section is https://brand24.net/ that is great for tracking chosen keywords across all the web, but could also be a source of potential leads and managing brands’ reputation.

  • Claudia

    9 more cool tools (I was trying to make a list of 10, but most of the tools I would recommend are already listed – so let’s stay with 9):

    SaaS Manager (www.saasmgr.eu) – a platform which makes building SaaS faster and easier by providing common functionalities that are ready to implement.
    Appoint.ly (www.appoint.ly) – a streamline scheduling platform which ends the back-and-forth e-mail hell.
    Tweetdeck (tweetdeck.twitter.com/) – easily manage multiple Twitter accounts
    Grammarly (www.grammarly.com) – an app which checks your content or e-mails for grammar and spelling mistakes
    Hemingway (www.hemmingwayapp.com) – a tool that check if your posts or emails aren’t too long or complex.
    Befunky (www.befunky.com) – photo editor, collage maker and the designer with pre-built templates for social media etc.
    Piktochart (www.piktochart.com) – simmilar to Canva; more free elements to use, more modifications possible (you can make an ellipse by modifying the circle and you can’t do it in Canva)
    Brand24 (www.brand24.com/) – social monitoring tool
    Woodpecker (www.woodpecker.co/) – personalized cold-emails automation, cool for SDRs.
    KeywordTool (www.keywordtool.io/) – helps to find the keywords that people are searching with Google and other popular SEs.

    • Thanks for the love, Claudia! We appreciate you including us on your awesome list 🙂 ^@JackieMJensen

      • If you have no idea yet, get inspired by watching these 50 Groundbreaking Startup Ideas from Twitter, Airbnb to Evernote and many more.

    • Thanks for mentioning Woodpecker 😀

  • John Felix

    Invoicera helps you to keep a #billling cycle for clients and maintain a healthy workflow environment:- http://www.invoicera.com/ #OnlineBilling #BillingSoftware

  • Great list of tools! I believe http://Insighter.io the tool I have built could very well fit into the “Do Marketing, Social Media & Blogging” category. Basically Insighter enables you to add a call-to-action to any link/article you share with your audience. It is free and could be a great addition to any bootstrapping marketing

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  • Great info and well explained. Thanks a lot.

  • One tool to tame the chaos in your email flow –
    1) Kanban for Gmail: https://flow-e.com/blog/personal-kanban/gmail/kanban-for-gmail/
    2) Kanban for Outlook: https://flow-e.com/blog/personal-kanban/outlook/outlook-kanban-board-to-do-list/

  • This is an awesome list!
    I would add:
    Scheduleonce.com as an appointment manager. There is a lot more functionality than calend.ly
    For pitch deck: https://www.alexanderjarvis.com/2015/05/19/pitch-deck-collection-from-vc-funded-startups/
    Convertkit for marketing automation
    Leadpages for sales pages

  • Paul Nielsen

    Nice list.
    I would suggest a few more:
    Peopleperhour.com – similar as Fiverr
    Piktochart – similar as Canva
    Ahrefs – I think this is a must when it comes to digital marketing.
    Kanbanize – Kanban board software – for workflow and project management.

    Sure there are many more.

    • Ahrefs is an incredibly useful tool for content marketing and search engine optimization. Good picks!

    • disqus_ceOqfu6fLg

      pavnaydenovtangardjiev 3+

  • Ashpreet Kaur

    Very well written article. You have mentioned all the useful tools. I
    would also like to suggest one more tool the list i.e ProofHub. It comes
    with so many mazing features. It is the one place for all your
    projects, teams and communications. Must Try!

  • Jonni Gere

    I use IFTTT and find it very helpful!

  • This is an impressive list! Our software development company uses Slack, Teamwork, Google Drive, Hootsuite and Invision to name a few. We recently created a new app cost calculator that would be another great addition to the list. Check it out! We always appreciate constructive feedback to improve our tool.