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Ventura County“Every day many people in our community face obstacles to accessing health care,” says Barry Fisher, Health Care Agency Director. “Imagine the benefits that remote monitoring and diagnostics can bring. By allowing a patient to use a mobile medical device to perform routine tests and send the data to a healthcare professional in real time, we can significantly increase access to care and decrease healthcare delivery costs.”

Engaging patients while meeting their complex needs for chronic disease management and preventive care is a daunting task for the healthcare industry. The Internet of Things emerges as a solution for some of healthcare’s most challenging patients, including those with diabetes, heart failure, and other long-term conditions that require everyday lifestyle changes, constant management, and frequent attention from physicians.

“I call on all the entrepreneurial physicians and healthcare professionals to participate,” adds Tim Patten, Health Care Agency Chief Deputy Director. “In your daily practice of health care, I am sure you have come across ideas that you believe could improve patient care, decrease response time and maximize efficiency. Take these ideas to Startup Weekend Ventura County and team up with engineers, programmers and system analysts. They are like-minded entrepreneurs and they can help you turn your ideas into reality.”

Martin Shum