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Winners of SWMU2016
Winners of SWMU2016

Not sure if Startup Weekend is for you or are concerned you will waste $25? Well, have you
ever had a business idea, an inclination to create your own business, wanted extra business
practice, or more experience working on a team? If you answered yes to any of these
questions, then Startup Weekend is the place for you! Use your $25 to launch your future. Your
$25 doesn’t just include your 48-hour experience with Startup Weekend, it’s an investment in
your future. In both 2015 and 2014 the first and second place winners participated in the
Brandery’s mini-accelerator course and have helped raise over $300,000 on Kickstarter.
Pitch to the judges, potentially work with companies, and take your idea past this weekend.
Can’t wait to see these amazing ideas come to life. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, sign up
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Tara Hoppe