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After watching the Oscars yesterday, don’t you think about your acceptance speech?Who would be your, “Above all, I’d like to thank…” person? We at Charlotte Startup Weekend have prepared our own Acceptance speech for being awarded the opportunity to put on yet another Charlotte Startup Weekend. It truly doesn’t happen without the support of so many sponsor companies. We would like to thank our sponsors, who all make this event not only possible, but totally awesome!

We have two law firms on our sponsor roll this year. Because, let’s be honest, you can never have too many attorneys in your corner!

Spengler & Agans

We are excited to have Spengler & Agans among our sponsors this year. As a law firm they focus on immigration law and business law. You will also find them at PitchBreakfast at Packard Place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

From their website:

Both immigrants and entrepreneurs travel along similar paths—paths leading to a better life through determination and hard work. More people than you might expect follow both paths: Immigrants in the United States are more than twice as likely to start a business as their native-born American counterparts. The distinction between the immigration and business law fades entirely in some instances—such as when an immigrant seeks the necessary documents to work at a domestic company, or when a business owner seeks advice on how to comply with legal hiring regulations. And by focusing our efforts on two practice areas, we are able to provide specialized service to our clients.

Eric and Justin both find great joy in volunteering in the community. Most recently, Eric has been an active volunteer with the Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, helping immigrants from war-torn countries. Justin has volunteered with Sustain Charlotte and helped guide a group local students research and present to Charlotte City Council.


Horack Talley

This is their second year as a #CSW sponsor. With 39 attorneys practicing at the firm, they are a real legal powerhouse, so we’re glad they’re on our side. You know, in case we ever end up in court for…something.

Horack Talley as a firm is involved in dozens of local charities and organizations, which shows a clear commitment to developing community in Charlotte. We’re also a fan of their Women’s Initiative, which seeks to promote personal and professional development for the women in their firm (40% of their attorneys are female, BTW. Not too shabby!)

From their website:

Horack Talley offers an 80-year history of legal service to our community, making our firm one of the oldest in the Charlotte region. Since our first client in 1932, our attention has been focused on providing the best value, the highest level of personal service and the sharpest legal advice to our clients.

Horack Talley’s practice groups include community associations, corporate, family law, litigation, real estate, and personal wealth services. Our vision has long been to grow targeted practice groups with concentrations in core areas of the law.

The firm strives to anticipate the needs of our current and potential clients. We expand to new practice areas selectively, while maintaining the tradition of excellent client service people have come to expect from Horack Talley. Visit our Practices page for more information on our practice groups and the fields of law in which we focus.

Tech Talent South

Just named one of the top 30 coding bootcamps in the world by Switchup, Tech Talent South is making a name for itself around the globe and particularly in Charlotte. Co-founders Betsy Hauser Idilbi and Richard Simms met at an immersive coding program in Chicago, and brought their magic to the South. TTS serves Charlotte, as well as Atlanta, Asheville, Dallas, New Orleans, and The Triangle. One of our lucky winners will receive a full scholarship to a Tech Talent South course, and their team members will receive a partial scholarship.

From their website:

We provide access to networking opportunities, educational events, cutting edge companies, and local entrepreneurs. Our supportive, non-intimidating, and collaborative community is filled with passionate, like-minded students on their way to doing great things. Along the way, you’ll get the mentoring you need from local professionals in relevant fields and the Tech Talent South staff.

Have a great idea for the next big thing? Haven’t known how to start? This is when the sketching begins. The design process never begins in front of the computer. Tech Talent South will teach you how to map out and execute a plan, taking your idea all the way from inception to launch.

We teach you all the languages and skills you’ll need to turn your idea into a reality. From domain modeling to database management, we’ll show you the back-end of web application development. And, of course, it has to look pretty. We’ll show you the tricks of front-end design in order to create a great user experience.

Ship your MVP (minimum viable product) to the web, get feedback, refine and iterate. Get additional web application users on board, practice your pitch, and start your business…the sky is the limit!

Binary Ventures

What doesn’t Binary Ventures do for your company? They’ll take your business from idea to growing company and help every step along the way.

They categorize the experience into 3 phases:

Create.  They will help you flesh out your idea, helping with any pivoting or re-direction you need. You’ll get honest feedback, helpful suggestions, and expert advice. They’re not going to let you build a bad company.

Launch. Their developer staff will then work with these ideas to build you a top-notch product. And in a timely manner, so you’re ready to launch when you need to!

Grow. It doesn’t stop there. You will receive marketing solutions, technical support, and continued mentoring to make sure you’re off in the right direction.

Steve Nolan and Christy Harner, the co-founders of Binary Ventures, will become two of your favorite people after meeting them. Christy is returning as one of our mentors on Saturday, and will be kicking off our Saturday workshops with a session on Branding. She’s incredible. Steve knows what’s up. As one of your judges this year, his expertise will be a huge asset in evaluating the viability, marketability, and value in each of our demo-ing businesses.

Skookum Digital Works

Michael Jordan looks up to them. From his roof. That pretty much says it all about Skookum Digital Works, one of Charlotte’s best firms for Innovation, IT, and Technology solutions for your company. They look at the big picture and solve the problems to affect change now for your company.

Just Fresh

Just Fresh provides delicious, fresh food consistent with today’s healthier lifestyle. With locations in uptown and South Charlotte, they are a convenient option for breakfast or lunch. Just Fresh is providing us a deliciously fresh breakfast on Saturday that will start our attendees on the right track for a productive work day.

We’d also like to give a shout out to Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated for their donation of beverages for the weekend. Keeping our attendees caffeinated and hydrated is an important job, and we’re so thankful for their help!

We are so grateful that so many companies see value in this awesome community and events like ours that hope to expand and promote that community to a wider audience.

We hear our wrap-up music starting to play, so we’ll finish here. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Charlotte Startup Weekend 7!

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