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It’s time again for Startup Weekend Louisville! Our 11th consecutive event is coming up this October, and we’re so excited to be bringing this 54 hour frenzy of fun, innovation, networking, and entrepreneurship back again!

Check out the recap of Startup Weekend Louisville #10, held at the Kentucky Science Center and LouieLab in April 2017.

Recap of Startup Weekend Louisville 10

Since this will be our eleventh event, we’ve learned a great deal about what Startup Weekend actually is, but many people that haven’t been still don’t know. One of the most common questions we get is “What is Startup Weekend?” We want to answer that with the words of the people that have been there.

Welcome to”What is Startup Weekend Louisville?

In this ongoing series, we’ll present what past attendees have to say about their time at Startup Weekend Louisville. We hope it will give you a better picture of how and why we do Startup Weekend in Louisville. We’ll be posting accounts, results, and stories from past attendees as we get closer to Startup Weekend Louisville #11 on October 13-15, 2017.

For the first post in our series, we present the words of Startup Weekend Louisville alums Amy Shah and Cara Loeb.

From Amy Shah – Lessons from Startup Weekend 9 Oct 2016

Tonight was the last night of Startup Weekend Louisville #SWLou. While my team did not win this frenetic and exciting event, I have to believe we came out of Horrigan Hall at Bellarmine University budding entrepreneurs and stronger people. I personally learned more about myself as my teammates and I took a personality inventory called DISCFLEX suggested by Kirsten Bullock. (I was later surprised to know she is related to one of the founders of the Bronsted-Lowry acid base theory!) I was also able to learn how to use a Google Drive and various shared uses of documents in that drive. Martin Lindsey encouraged me to learn WordPress by showing me the ease at which a great web page can be developed. And I signed up to learn more at a conference later this year based on this experience. This was just such a valuable pearl. The whole weekend had me coming out of my shell and meeting new participants. I also learned how to do customer discovery which is something I knew less about but soon became immersed in. I appreciated the quiet strength and patience of Jeanette Brown as she participated in our group. As we worked with founder Beth Givens to create her tutoring company Bocca del Lupo (@boccadellupo), I was inspired by the hope that only creating new things brings. There were just so many skills I gained from the experience that I truly encourage everyone interested in entrepreneurship to take part.

From Cara Loeb – Testimonial about Startup Weekend Louisville 10 April 2017

I can confidently say that Startup Weekend changed my life. We went in with an idea that couldn’t quite catch its stride. The mentors gave us fantastic advice on how to find our customers, encouraged us to go out and do field research, and gave us a better-defined model on how to make money from our app. Not only was Startup Weekend a great opportunity for learning how to get an idea turned into an actual product/service, but it also taught me that my faith in my company can be tangible if given the right direction. It was a weekend of fun, high-energy people that are simply there to improve our world in some way. Not only did we win second place, but we also made a lot of great connections, both locally and outside of Kentucky, to help us create a better educational app. Our company, CritterFacts, now has a growing customer base and an improved business model thanks to the mentors and judges of Startup Weekend.

Paul Blakeley