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We know what you all think: “What do they mean by SpaceTech and what can I possibly build in only 54 hours?”

These are fair questions.

Even if you’re not planning on building the next spaceship to Mars, it’s OK, you can come too. Actually, space technologies are used for spaceflight, space exploration and satellites. That means that many common everyday services rely on space tech such as weather forecasting, remote sensing, GPS systems and satellite television. You got it, Pokemon Go’s first prototype could have been built during a Startup Weekend (don’t worry, it wasn’t).

Also, it is true that we expect you to come up with a prototype of your business idea at the end of the weekend, but a clarification needs to be made on the word ‘prototype’. It can mean the actual version of your product, but it can also be a landing page presenting your idea or even design sketches and wireframes! Our judges are more interested in hearing about the hypotheses you made on Friday night and how you tested them with potential stakeholder and customer feedback.

To help you find inspiration for the weekend, here are six startups, projects and talks that are absolutely rocking it:

1. TrackR


Never lose your keys, wallet, or phone ever again.

2. Geolix


Your parents are losing their autonomy while your children are dependent upon you. They took care of you and now it’s your turn.

3. Vector Space Systems

vector space systems

‘Taxi’ for small satellites.

4. Orbital Insight


‘Data miner’ of satellite images.

5. Drone Superhighways


The title says it all 😉

6. Archeology from Space


Find and protect lost civilizations with satellite technologies.

7. 3D Printed Space Tools

3D space tools

If you’re in space and you break a toothbrush, that’s pretty annoying, but you’ll survive. It’s quite another story when the oxygen reserve starts leaking and you don’t have the right tools.

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Thomas Paris Thomas Paris
Thomas Paris is a Tech Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Pictawall and Organizer at Startup Weekend London. @paristhomasbel