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Here is a run-through of all the companies being created this weekend. Full disclosure: this was an inventory of the teams taken at 3pm this afternoon–companies have gone through iterations and could be very different on Sunday evening. Catch all of the pitches Sunday, November 8th at 6:30 in the Pellegrene Auditorium on the campus of St. John’s University!


Medella is an application that would allow a user to input their background – diagnosis, treatments, demographics, and other information into the application. Medella would then aggregate and analyze all of the users’ information and present the results to help them make critical decisions.


DibbsShare.com is a green network platform that connects people to local free things to help students find furniture and eliminate good treasures being tossed in the trash. The rating system creates a safe environment for users and keeps everyone accountable.


FitCentives gives you rewards for reaching your personal fitness goals. You’re not competing against others; you’re competing against the person you were yesterday.


Aca.media is a student-to-student coaching platform that brings students who have completed courses together with students currently enrolled with the course material.


AquaVolt will provide hydroelectric to communities living along a river.

Recruit U

Recruit U is a service focused on pooling top tech talent and making it easier for technology companies to recruit.

To Be Named

This company is setting out to capture your night on the town and create a montage featuring the highlights of the evenings.







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