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Let’s get this show on the road!

Yes, we have a venue in the works but we can’t announce it officially yet. Here’s a hint.

This week, we heard from Rackforce Cloud Video that they will be joining us in Edmonton, like they did in Calgary. We’re looking forward to working with Randall and Kevin again as they stream pitches live, and capture and store video throughout the weekend. Rackforce is an amazing sponsor that sends these two awesome guys to Edmonton from Kelowna for the whole weekend at no cost to us. A huge shout out to Rackforce for their continued support of Startup Weekend EDU!

Over the upcoming weeks, we will spend a lot of time on e-mail and phone, connecting with experienced designers, developers and entrepreneurs and asking them to spend part of their weekend volunteering to coach our participants. Coaches are critical to a great Startup Weekend. If you are an experienced designer, developer or entrepreneur and would like to give back to youth, educators and budding entrepreneurs, please drop me a note at angie.tarasoff@gmail.com. A special shout out to our very first volunteer coach, Brad Gaulin, CEO at GoMentr.com.

It takes a village…

There are a lot of amazing people in Edmonton who volunteer their time to making this a great place to live, work and play. I want to acknowledge the organizing team, volunteer mentors and incredible volunteer speakers who are involved with TEDx Youth@Edmonton. I spent a couple of hours with that amazing group last week. With people like this doing what they’re doing, the future of this city is bright.

Angie Tarasoff