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While supporting thousands of community leaders over the past six years, UP Global has consistently found itself at the center of larger conversations about what makes entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive.

Fundamentally, our goal is to provide a global framework for these conversations, that can be adapted to support the unique efforts of the community leaders and entrepreneurs – wherever they may be.

I’m pleased to announce the release of the Fostering a Startup and Innovation Ecosystem white paper. This research project extends our commitment to entrepreneurs around the world, and substantiates our optimism for the economic progress that occurs every day. We hope the conversations around these topics continue as we work together towards providing global access to entrepreneurship.

Foreword by Mary Grove, Director of Google for Entrepreneurs

UP Global, Startup Weekend

Entrepreneurship and innovation are thriving in communities across the globe, and we see the transformative power entrepreneurs have to build products and companies that improve their communities, cities, and ultimately the world. Over the last several years, we here at Google have seen a surge in entrepreneurial activity in cities as far ranging as Damascus to Detroit, Sao Paulo to Nairobi, led by local leaders and influencers.

UP Global is empowering communities with the support and resources they need to foster local innovation and entrepreneurs. Their belief is everyone in the world should have the opportunity to go from idea to startup. UP Global has over 7,000 volunteers across 125 countries who are eager to join in larger conversations with corporations, universities, and policymakers about building and fostering a favorable climate for entrepreneurs in their local community.

There is plenty of research that provides advice for entrepreneurs and highlights a few common ingredients that help to foster successful ecosystems. This white paper underscores the five critical ingredients that support flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystems: talent, density, culture, capital, and regulatory environment. My hope is that we continue the conversation about how to foster these ingredients in our daily work.  As a board member of UP Global and a close partner of theirs through Google for Entrepreneurs – I’m excited about the organization’s continued support for entrepreneurial communities and the powerful opportunity these communities have to impact the world.

Please join me for a Google Hangout with Brad Feld, VC at Foundry Group and author of Startup Communities and Marc Nager, CEO of UP Global on thriving startup communities and creating alignment and not just density in your community.


Enjoy the white paper below! Click ‘save’ to download for easy reading.

Click to download the German translation or the Spanish translation.




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Marc Nager Marc Nager
(@marcnager) Startups, everything outdoors, and Chief Community Officer at Techstars.

  • Creeklife

    Great, I am looking forward to get a fresh spin on growing my Community. I went from idea to web app this year and have found the transition challenging. One reason might be that I am not selling a product and my message might be bit too narrow – restoring & protecting our favorite outdoor spots (think litter cleanups) https://creeklife.com. Because of this I am thinking of changing the theme of the app, although I don’t want to. See you there.

  • Mark Janssen

    This is like so wanky. So, 2001. I mean, when do people start to see that startups are old news and have failed? Even the idea of entrepreneurship has failed. The economic system is running on fairy dust, running on a fantasy of success. Either adapt the old paradigm to the new medium or let go of the helm and let us lead the revolution.

    • Mr Janssen, Indeed this presentation is wanky. But the idea of entrepreneurship has never failed. Can you imagine a world without entrepreneurs, or business people? Even if you go to a prehistoric society, even to gather milk from cattle, one would have had to get hold of a vessel. And any guesses would be supplying that? If you want more info on the subject, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/vyaparshastra

      • Mark Janssen

        Vessels can and have been made from gourds or leather and, yes, I can imagine such a world, but that doesn’t change your point. The idea of entrepreneurship has failed because they all drank the kool-aid that they earned it all. Except, they never accounted for all the $trillions of initial inputs — land and oil (none of the value of such were made by hard-working or genius entrepreneurs) NOR the mountains of waste these yankees have generated on the other end.

        There’s murder and thievery that made the success of America and I’ve been fighting a lone battle of making America live up to it’s written ideals: liberty AND justice for all. You can’t have a future if you don’t face the past, and these entrepreneurs think that exponential growth is actually a legitimate program. That couldn’t be further from the Truth.

        • Vessels can be made from anything, but made by entrepreneurs. Aid – comes from the part of the taxes paid by entrepreneurs. Hard working and genius – all r hard working and genius. About America I have no comments to offer as my book/research cover only India. Growth – it’s political concept, yes but I have one comment to make, what ever have been promised by political parties in elections, as if they come to power they will fulfill the promise. All promises later fulfilled by way of tax collected from business. For the record this website on which we are interconnected, may have been provided by an entrepreneurs

          • Mark Janssen

            You’re drinking the kool-aid, dude, like from 1920s. Your worship of entrepreneurs blinds you to the facts I stated in the first post: they haven’t accounted for all the free labor they got from the Earth or value they got from the Judeo-Christian narrative. Most of the capitalism in India or America is utter horseshit, excepting home-spun eateries and repair shops.

          • Dear Janssen, There is a difference between capitalism and entrepreneurship. capitalism may be discussed and debated. entrepreneurship is an individual`s fight against all odds and his flight and plight cannot be debated.

          • Mark Janssen

            I think you’re using a definition of “entrepreneur” that is not found in any dictionary.

          • hjc2001

            Mark hi,

            Yes, you are totally right, Vishal needs to slowly wake up. So I gave him a video to watch, and that’s his start.
            Meanwhhile, you continue on doing what you can, build awareness as part of a slow process, and remember to enjoy your life as best as you can for yourself, your family, and those around you.
            Have a great Week !!! Bye, Hans

          • Dear hjc2001, I belive mark and I had been forgotten what was the topic of discussion or disagreement. Because we have so many disagreements each day. We can’t track. I like to thank you reminding some old past. By the way I don’t think any argument be it in a movie form can change my argument. As it was original not based on any secondary information. I have not seen the movie which you have sent, I love to. But if u happen to meet Mr gamble, suggest him to meet me to know some original pknowledge. Please read my forthcoming book, it Will lightnen you with some enlightenment.

          • hjc2001

            Vishal hi, I look forward to your book, and wish you good times writing it ! I can advise you to watch the movie, as it’s good re-allignment. Jurassic World is just out in the movies, and you can enjoy this movie plus many many others by watching popcorntime.io
            Have a great time !

          • TX, caught up in finishing the book with publisher. Will see sure. Just food for thought, this time in UN, all leader of world wanted to meet CEOs not presidents. So think where the power has shifted?

          • hjc2001

            Vishal, that’s all stuff talking about “the top there” and those people are NOT concerned with us, not concerned with our well-being, as such they only want YOUR MONEY. Best is you NOT mirror yourself on those people, because makeing THEM bigger only means you make yourself SMALLER. And we don’t want that.
            You can read more about it here:

            Have a great time with the book, make it beautiful. 🙂

  • I don’t see the concepts as wanky — but the presentation certainly qualifies. This is an 11,000 word document… but appears to exist only as a slideshow. We’re advised to “click ‘save’ to download for easy reading”… but there is no apparent way to do either. Some of us may be persistent enough to find the Slideshare transcript… but it remains nearly impossible to read. Paging in slideshow doesn’t even function (using current Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit)).

    Why do we allow design to disrupt communication? Because slides! Seriously?

    It’s another troubling instance of form over function — a case of straining so hard to promote “startup culture” that our experience becomes less comprehensible, and less relevant to most people. It would be great, instead, to see the focus on making such resources ~accessible~. We’re doing the hard work ~in~ our communities. Our job is to convince the bankers and developers and municipal officials to recognize and respect the startup community. That can happen ~only~ when we recognize and respect their culture, too. If I can’t print a “white paper” ~on~ white paper, it’s utterly worthless.

    From that sort of ivory tower, wankiness springs readily.

  • Fundamentally, our goal is to provide a global framework for these conversations, that can be adapted to support the unique efforts of the community leaders and entrepreneurs – wherever they may be.

  • As a board member of UP Global and a close partner of theirs through Google for Entrepreneurs – I’m excited about the organization’s continued support for entrepreneurial communities and the powerful opportunity these communities have to impact the world.

  • Or require lunches of “confinement loaf”.

  • Thanks.

  • manu

    nice information. We are also stratups.