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We think St. Cloud is awesome and we’re trying to convince everyone.

Startup Weekend Fargo organizer, Greg Tehven, wrote an awesome article about geographical bullying and his experience in Fargo.


Many of the elements Greg highlights are also found right here in St. Cloud. To much of the world, a community in central Minnesota might not have much to add to global economy. But in reality, we have leading companies, fantastic universities, great healthcare, and fantastic intellectual capital. The area is a great place to live, work, and change the world. It’s time to show everyone else that as well.

One of the driving forces behind Startup Weekend St. Cloud is to help connect the thinkers and doers in the community. We believe this is a paramount element in helping prove our worth to the rest of the world. We want to create an environment where pursuing ideas is encouraged and supported by a community, allowing new ideas to flourish.

Startup Weekend St. Cloud is just the beginning. We’re not going to make dramatic changes in 54 hours, but we’re hoping to plant the seeds. Will you be there?

Sam LaBine