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Ah, the question of starting salaries. It’s the elephant in the room for most job applicants and hiring managers, something often tiptoed and danced around from the beginning of the application/hiring process. According to Herzberg’s theory of motivation, salary is one of those strange features of the workplace that may not directly impact job satisfaction or employee motivation. But if you are earning a salary you are unhappy with, you can be pretty certain it will have a negative impact in those areas.

Many companies are now adopting numerous ways to manage employee absence, procrastination and as well as their overall performance, because they know that managing these things is the key factor in determining the success of the work they deliver.

For project managers currently mired with an unsatisfactory salary, or for those looking for an upgrade, there’s good news. The demand for project managers is growing across numerous industries and fields, with companies in all sectors looking for experienced and certified project managers to deal with projects big and small. Whether it’s a marketing agency, a high-tech web application development company or an FMCG manufacturing corporation, experience in project management is invaluable to all leading companies and many are willing to pay a hefty sum for the right candidate.

The Project Manager handles the timing and budget and is responsible for communicating goals and deadlines with team members and clients. PMP certified project managers are especially sought after as employers look for seasoned leaders with verifiable skills.

Master of Project Academy, a leading online certification site, looked at some top job sites and company data to scope out the 10 companies with highest project manager salaries and compensation packages.

  1. Cisco

Average Salary for Project Managers: $114,956 / year

The top paying company for Project Managers, Cisco, is headquartered in sunny California and develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.

When we reviewed the comments of their employees, three words caught our attention: “work-life balance”. Cisco values a balance between productive work life and satisfying private life – pretty critical to consider in any job move.

  1. Jacobs

Average Salary for Project Managers: $109,106 / year

Jacobs operates in a wide variety of industries including construction, aerospace and defense, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and transportation. It is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional, and construction services, so if working for a multinational conglomerate is your thing, this is the place to go.

  1. Southern California Edison

Average Salary for Project Managers: $104,206 / year

One of the US’ largest investor-owned utilities companies, Edison boasts over 5 million customers. The company plans to invest up to $20.4 billion in expanding and strengthening its electric system infrastructure over the next four years, so this is a company with huge growth potential for the driven project manager.

  1. Ericsson

Average Salary for Project Managers: $100,711 / year

Ericsson is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and services to telecom operators. This long established Swedish company has customers in 180 countries, with 40 percent of all mobile calls made through their systems. Employees find the company a fast paced and challenging environment, where hard work is expected and also well rewarded.

  1. SAIC

Average Salary for Project Managers: $96,324 / year

SAIC’s specialties include IT solutions, logistics & supply chain, and systems engineering. Deep customer and domain knowledge enables the company to deliver systems engineering and integration offerings for large, complex projects, so any prospective project managers should have experience in the same.

  1. Accenture

Average Salary for Project Managers: $95,715 / year

The renowned strategy and consulting firm offers a broad range of services and solutions to across over 40 industries. The company is known for helping clients improve performance, and project managers are integral to that process. The company’s HQ is located in Dublin, though satellites offices can be found in many countries around the world.Culture is strong here, so expect lots of company parties and team building events.

  1. Microsoft

Average Salary for Project Managers: $93,721 / year

Established in 1975, Microsoft has always been a pioneer in developing computing technologies. Now, its range of products varies from video games to digital services and smartphones. Multicultural and friendly, the atmosphere here is nonetheless highly competitive.

  1. JPMorgan Chase

Average Salary for Project Managers: $93,349 / year

The financial giant in commercial and corporate banking, JP Morgan Chase has almost 200 years of history. For its size and age, things are certainly moving fast, as the company is in the midst of reinvigorating itself and its services providing financial solutions for consumers, small businesses, corporations, governments and institutions around the world.

  1. Bank of America

Average Salary for Project Managers: $89,950 / year

One rank below is another of the world’s leading financial institutions. Serving everyone from small and middle sized business to large corporations, Bank of America is a global leader in investment, corporate banking, and trading, so project managers should have strong experience in the financial field. As expected of a company of this size, compensation and benefits are highly competitive.

  1. AECOM

Average Salary for Project Managers: $89,069 per year

Rounding out our top 10 list is Fortune 500 firm AECOM, a civil engineering company operating in more than 150 countries. It designs, builds, finances and operates infrastructure assets for governments, businesses, and organizations around the world. Some employees complain of management issues at the top level, but satisfaction with coworkers and a diversity of projects provide good growth and experience.


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