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We all know that people do not participate at a Startup Weekend for the prizes, but at the end of the day after a grueling 54 hours of madness it is nice to be rewarded for your efforts. This year we have some pretty cool prizes (the list is not complete) for successful teams.

Prizes for every attendee

From us and our partners

To start, all of you will receive access for 5 days at The Grape, for your team to continue working on the idea after the final pitch, a on-sight workshop on building the Business Model Canvas with Bogdan Codreanu and one on How to Pitch with Adrian Pica. Yael Rozencwajg is also offering her unconditional remote help to any team interested in blockchains throughout the weekend.

From Techstars Startup Weekend

Google Cloud Platform is offering all Techstars Startup Weekend participants $300 in credits to help build web and mobile apps and we are proud to offer all Techstars Startup Weekend participants access to a free .CO domain.

Crowd favourite prize

  • consultancy for setting up your company covering all the paperwork & legal aspects and one month of accountancy, from our generous partners at ExpertCont;
  • Creative Tim’s big bundle package: 19 awesome products that will help you develop faster and easier.

3rd prize

2nd prize

1st prize

Let us know if you have any other prize ideas and we can try to get them for you :).

We hope that you will all enjoy the benefits of being part of Startup Weekend Iași 2018.
Feel free to invite your friends and let’s make your ideas come true. See you!

Adrian Agafitei