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Windows10 Startup Weekend

About Startup Weekend and Windows Partnership

As part of our Global Partnership with Microsoft, we will provide a direct benefit to local Startup Weekend events. Microsoft and Startup Weekend identified the Top 50 events to host pre-Startup Weekend Windows 10 Bootcamps. The Bootcamps are hosted at the Startup Weekend event locations and are delivered by local Microsoft staff that are proficient with Windows 10 technologies. These pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamps will help Startup Weekend attendees realize the Windows 10 opportunities and acquire skills to do a great job at the Startup Weekend event!

Why pre-Startup Weekend Bootcamps will improve Startup Weekend events

During Startup Weekend events there isn’t much time for attendees to learn and implement new technologies. By partnering with Microsoft, we can take advantage of expert engineers and evangelists all over the world to teach Startup Weekend attendees. The goal is to enable developers, designers and entrepreneurs to build high quality Windows Store apps by helping them understand and use the latest and greatest platform technologies and services that Windows 10 has to offer.

Who is the target audience for the event?

The primary audiences for these events are app and web developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are attending a Startup Weekend.


Windows 10 Developer Meetup (pre-Startup Weekend)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 6:30 PM

Microsoft Latvia
Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor Rīga, LV

16 Pros Went

Lets hack some apps for Windows 10 on Universal App platform. Also this will be possability to discuss what happens now when you can compile your Objective-C and Android – Java, C++ code on Windows to put that into Store. Same goes for .net and C++ apps, as well web Apps.Agenda- New Windows 10 Store App landscape- Web apps as Store apps- Creati…

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Deniss Belajevs