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The third edition of Startup Weekend Iasi was held at Hall Rossini – Palas on 27-29 march 2015.
For this edition we gotten 85 participants who pitched 25 ideas and 12 teams had been created.

We had 3 prizes in the top and 4 special prizes. Each team has chosen a name, but these nicknames can or cannot be the official ones. From each team we had a short description.

1st place – SeeMe!

SeeMe! is a smartphone traceable device reassuring parents they will never lose their child (again) in an open, crowded place. Team SeeMe! includes Raluca Lucaci (Android developer), Aurelian Ursache (iOS developer), Catalin Pomirleanu (iOS developer) and Iulia Weingold (team motivator).

“Startup Weekend Iasi was an accelerated learning process for us. We came there with zero experience in terms of startups, business and management, and throughout the entire time felt like dried sponges filling up with valuable knowledge… We had no idea you can get so much done in such little time. Our sincere congrats to organizers, mentors and hard-working teams! Great job everyone 🙂 ” Iulia Weingold, team motivator @ SeeMe!

2nd placeSmartGift

Smart Gift is an app that is helping you to find a last minute memorable gift. Let’s think like this you forget about a friends birthday or it’s Valentine’s day and you need a suggestion of an awesome gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend, you go on the app put your budget, make a personal profile by check-in some tags and then select a distance in what range to find gift. After seconds lots of awesome gifts around you will come on the screen.

Gifts are bringing joy to the world, so why not to give a smart gift in order to make it memorable

„The experince at #SWIASI2015 it was intense, dramatic at some point, challenging, sent me to a rollercoster of emotions, but in the end we came second, so for sure all it paid off. I want to thank to all my team that overcome their limits by working under pressure, in order to make something big.” Mircea Serdiuc(Tzury) @CEO Smart Gifts

3rd place & Best MarketerBeerTime

Beer Time: Our idea revolves around making large groups of friends go out faster and easier. Ususally what we want to know when we go out is if there are enough available friends to go out with, along with a time and a place. Beer Time lets you define your group of friends and send them a simple question when you feel like going out: “Do you want to go out at 8, in London Pub?”. Your friends can only say yes or no. Saying yes acts like a promise, so if you get 4 positive answers, then it’s a date. This process eliminates all the negociation that takes place in a chat system and also eliminates the need for facebook or any social platform.

“What happenned at Startup Weekend was a roller coaster from start to finish. Meeting so many people devoted to becoming better at what they do in one single place is inspiring; having so many great mentors walk around the room is just such a great opportunity. I personally came to Startup Weekend to meet good people and this is exactly what happened. My team had a lot of energy, ideas and worked really hard; I am proud of them and I’m sure they are proud of me. Anyone looking for special people should consider participating in the future.”   Andrei Tudor Diaconu founder @BeerTime

Crowd Favorite – PeerWorkout

For everybody that enjoys team sports and can’t find a team or lacks motivation and needs a push, PeerWorkout is THE app that helps you locate sports buddies with similar interests in your area. We bring together people through sports and give already existing sports communities a tool to interact through in a fun and easy way. With a true understanding of our users’ needs and an adaptive platform that grows as they provide input, PeerWorkout aims to cover everything from scheduling sports get-togethers to measuring your metrics and providing you health tips to finding the coolest places and peoplwn town to work out with.  Elisa-Letitia Stefan founder @PeerWorkout

Startup spirit award – Music Land

Music Land is a music software for piano players. It will assist users to read music notation and get feedback while they are playing, using a friendly interface. The product is meant both for home use and for classrooms, too. The later versions will be extended to other instruments as well. Team Music Land includes Natalia Klus (3D artist), Alin Salaru-Placinta (Javascript developer, web designer), Eduard Iacob  (C++ developer) and Mihaela Chirnoaga (music teacher and developer).

“A competition is useful to startups in order to check how do they rank comparing to other businesses and to verify the product is viable. The time we invested in these 3 days was worth it all the way.

The most valuable resource of this particular competition was the incredible line of mentors. We didn’t expect to meet them in Iasi, at least not all at once. They re-opened roads we thought were completely shut down and gave us much more confidence to take our dream further. ” – Mihaela Chirnoaga founder @Music Land

Judges special prize – HandOut

Our original idea is to connect disabled people in need with volunteers willing to help. We plan to connect them using an online platform and a mobile app. The flow is simple: A person with a physical disability will post a message on the platform informing briefly about the need he has (“I need someone to buy me a bread – Alexandru cel Bun, Iasi, 3rd floor”). The ones that are willing to help (we call them “helping hands”) will see the request based on their location and person with a disability location. For the example given, if I am in Alexandru cel Bun and I want to help, I will see this message on my phone using the App. If I am available and willing to help, I will respond to the request by pressing a button. On the other side, the person with a disability will have a list of people willing to help and he will choose his “Helping Hand” based on a profile we provide (personal details, eventually verified by and NGO, Facebook link etc). Once the disabled person is accepting the “hand” the phone numbers will be shared and they both can communicate about the next step, in this case, bringing a bread on 3rd floor. The disabled person will pay for the bread and the “helping hand” will offer his time to bring the bread to the 3rd floor. We have tested our idea and discussed a lot with disabled people about it and at this moment we feel that we have a great responsibility to implement it because the disabled people reaction was very positive, encouraging us to finish the implementation and release this product.

“We had a wonderful team formed by 5 members, from which 3 were for the first time on SW. The experience was very interesting for both of us especially because it was the place to meet and to know that we share some common values. It did not mater that we were missing some more resources in our team: we did our best with what we had, it was funny to have backend developers doing front end stuff or have them replace words on presentation with Maps and other graphical content. On the other hand, we had the great opportunity to find mentors that were willing to offer from their “know how” with so much pleasure and enthusiasm that you were really really impressed and happy to be in the same room with them. If before the event I was not sure I have something in common with entrepreneurship, after SW I realized that I may re-consider this option for the future.” Mihaela Ciobanu founder @Hand Out

Thank you all for participating and see you next time in 2016!

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