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The Startup Weekend Zurich is over and we had great ideas presented on Sunday evening. Among these great presentations it was difficult for the jury to make a decision.

They eventually could agree, and here are the results:

The overall winner is Wydr. This platform aims at transforming the art market by connecting painters and art lovers in a simple way. The user experience of Wydr is inspired by Tinder app with a right or left swiping to like or dislike a painting. The team of Wydr impressed the audience by the simplicity of their application, its new approach to buy and sell art and the large interest it already generated among art students (100 pictures of paintings were taken after one visit to the art school during the Startup Weekend). Congratulations Wydr!

iVote was selected for the best prototype price. They were able to present the prototype of an application that shows political information for citizens, helping them making a decision. They aim at providing valuable information to party camps, and help them identify whether or not they need to invest more money on their campaign.

And last but not least, the best presentation price comes to RottenTutorials. They were audacious and funny, and aim at creating a smart search engine dedicated to IT tutorials.

We wish there were more prices to reward and encourage the excellent presentations and ideas we saw on Sunday.

Congratulations again to all of you and see you at the next edition!

Mouna Mahouachi