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Hurray! Startup Weekend is only a few hours away. What should we do without our Platinum Sponsor XING?! This year we are supported and sponsored again by the largest German social network for business contacts- XING. Encouraging the young entrepreneurial scene is a fundamental value of XING as you may imagine.

As the company was founded in Hamburg there is special interest in supporting their home town startup scene to grow. Next to the resources XING provides to make SWHH15 happening there are many advantages to use XING in daily life business:

XING serves as a great source for finding customers for your business, team members and new hires for your undertakings.

The event market section has been renewed lately and apart from SWHH15 you can find many relevant gatherings and offers. There are XING events such as Prototyping Days and Innovation Week which could be of interest of Startup Weekenders and is also encouraging other initiatives to use XING as a networking and event promotion tool.

So if you did not register yet, this is a definite call to action as you will discover many features which will help you in sorting your professional life and connect to valuable business contacts which you can look after easily using this platform.

So, what to do next: connect offline at SWHH15 and get connected online at XING as soon as possible.

Marnie Knorr