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Innovation Story Of The Week

UP Global employs some of the best and brightest to work out of it’s Seattle office. The team works day and night to bring Startup Weekends all over the world. Sometimes, employees will actually get to participate in a Startup Weekend!

Regional Manager Chet Kittleson pitched an idea at Startup Weekend Seattle a few months ago. It caught the attention of  designer Gabe Pelegrin and  software engineer Dan Cromer who all work for UP Global as well. They also recruited outsiders Ben Gilbert, and Mohammad Adib to be on the team. They all worked together to bring you Red Ride.

Red Ride essentially does for the ride sharing industry what Kayak is doing for the travel industry. The app aggregates data from all the ride sharing options nearest to you and ranks them by estimated time of arrival and, eventually, price. Then, you select your service, and Red Ride takes you to that app and auto-fills your location data.


“Red Ride is your travel assistant to help make your day-to-day commuting decisions easier,” said co-founder Kittleson. “Our goal is to have less cars on the road, and we are the tool that enables users to feel confident enough to make that shift.”

Check out Red Ride HERE and download their app for free!

Community Leader of the Week

Michael Burcham is a Startup America Champion from Nashville, Tennessee. He is the President and CEO of The Entrepreneur Center where he coaches CEOs and entrepreneurs.

“ [The Entrepreneur Center] serves as a gateway that fuses training, relationships, and resources in order to cultivate economic development and drive Tennessee’s future as the epicenter of entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Burcham does it all:

  • Nashville Technology Council
  • International Business Council
  • Nashville’s Small Business Advisory Council
  • Teaches Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University.


Here is everything you missed this week in the UP Community: 

Check out this infographic detailing the costs of running a startup from different cities and countries.

Second Startup Weekend new Orleans incubates apps for giving, meeting and locational ringtones. 

A few moths ago Salt Lake City hosted a Startup Weekend where the quirky ‘Wizard Wars’ – a mobile game that allows players to cast spells at one another through a combination of finger swipes – took first place. Play it HERE!

DateMyApartment connects landlords and future tenants, providing the former with a background check and the latter with 24 hours to try out the apartment before signing a lease.

Tired of .coms? Try .co, and meet the Latino who created it.