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Gifting. That’s what we do at Lily&Strum. We help busy gift givers by providing them with the necessary organization, inspiration and validation to find the right gift at the right time.

But we are also entrepreneurs like you. Lily&Strum was created at Startup Weekend and growing ever since! We thought it would be fun to share our list of top gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life. You know… something “we might like”. It’s not a big investor check and it’s not an extra 2 hours in the day, but these truly are recommendations we’re sure you would be delighted to receive.

So go ahead, send this to your loved one or nonchalantly leave it open on your desktop for them see. Just maybe they’ll bite and you’ll get something great that you could surely use.

1. Nimbus$99.99

The Nimbus dashboard customizes and tracks what is important to you. Using your mobile device, you can stay up-to-date on email, social networks, traffic, weather and more! Now your brain can process 4 things at once with just one glance!

(And it comes from Quirky, which means the invention was created and chosen by a crowd making everyday people into overnight entrepreneurs.)

2. Plated – $8/month +  $12/plate

Remember when you used to have time to cook those delicious fresh meals that could give those contestants on Top Chef a run for their money? With plated you can rule the kitchen again. You pick from the chef-selected menus and all the fresh ingredients and recipes are delivered right to your door. Get the wine ready and invite the neighbors over ‘cause tonight you are king of the kitchen!

3. Power-Nap Pillow – $99

Sometimes all we need is a powernap. This pillow is genius! Snuggle your head and arms into its cozy “cocoon” and relax. When you awake, you’ll have a fresh take on that user acquisition strategy, guaranteed.

4. Printstagram Calendar – $40

Chances are you or your loved one has an Instagram account. If so, this is truly a thoughtful and fun gift that gives you 365 one-of-a-kind reminders. Just tear off photos as you move through the year but always be reminded that life is good and that you are a rock star.

5. Bolt – $59.99


With the Bolt, there is no more “crap, my battery is about to die”. With the world’s smallest portable battery backup and wall charger, it is designed to replace the standard wall charger for any phone or mobile device. Anywhere. A total grab and go solution. You’ll be the hero on your next business trip.

6. Laser-projection keyboard – $129.39

This keyboard lets you type emails or text messages right on your desk, fold-down airline tray, or any other flat opaque surface without having to peck on your device’s smaller touch screen. Not only will you look cutting edge but you’ll be cutting edge – lasers!.

7. The Butler  – $119

This is one of those great ETSY finds designed by a busy professional who was tired of being disorganized with all their on-the-go items. With your personal butler, you’ll have a place to fit your wallet, keys, phone or whatever on-the-go items you choose. And… it looks sleek with a modern design for any space.

8. Cocktail Hour Every Month – $280 (3 months)

MOUTH, where Indie food meets a group of passionate, dedicated, risk-taking delicious discoverers who package it all up into monthly scrumptiousness. Not Sold? Well this particular subscription assures you have everything you need (minus the booze itself) to be the host of the hour. When you work hard, you’ve got to play hard too.

So there you have it, our list of top gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life. Want to let us know what you think or get more great gift ideas? Follow Lily&Strum on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. And to learn more about how we can help you never miss a moment and always get it right, visit www.lilyandstrum.com. Join the beta and help us change the face of gifting!

Also, join us this coming weekend (March 28, 2014) at the Pittsburgh Startup Weekend

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Traci Lipple