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Tuesday, January 7, 2014 – DAY 1

UP Global Ambassador: Gavin Gillas – Startup Weekend Austin Organizer and Facilitator

10 – 6      UP Global LIVE


Michael McGeary – Engine Advocacy

John Dearie – Co-Author: Where the Jobs Are

Ruth Hedges – Unismart Capital Software

3:40        Office Hours with Panelists


Wednesday, January 8, 2014 – DAY 2

UP Global Ambassador:  Startup Weekend Las Vegas Organizers Thomas Knoll  and Shavonna Tiera

9 – 6           UP Global LIVE

11:00           PANEL #2: FUNDING YOUR STARTUP

T.A. McCann (host) – Founder, Rival IQ

Brian Cohen – Partner, New York Angels

Shari Foldes – Director of Marketing, DFJ VC

Kate Drane – Marketing & Partnerships, indiegogo

11:40           Office Hours with Panelists


Scott Case (host) – Founding CEO of the Startup America Partnership

Benjamin Forman – Co-Founder, ZBoard

Trey Bowles – CEO / Co-Founder, the DEC

Thomas Knoll – CEO / Founder, clipPR

4:30            EUREKA PARK PITCH CHALLENGE (60 Minutes)

Pitch to a panel of Iconic Entrepreneurs! Receive feedback and a chance to win some great prizes. Register for this event by visiting UP Global LIVE by 3PM on Wednesday, January 8th.

Thursday, January 9, 2014 – DAY 3

UP Global Ambassador: Trey Bowles – Chairman of Startup Texas / SUAP Champion

9 – 6          UP Global LIVE

11:00          PANEL #4: MEDIA

Scott Case (host) – Founding CEO of the Startup America Partnership

Tim Stevens – Feature Writer, CNET

Jason Gilbert –  Editor, Yahoo! Tech

Jen Consalvo – Editor, Tech Cocktail

11:40          Office Hours with Panelists

3:00           SPEAKER SESSION

Scott Case (host) – Founding CEO of the Startup America Partnership

Bre Pettit – CEO, MakerBot

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