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#entrepreneurfail Too Many Strategists

What is the vision for your organization?

In any business, the key stakeholders are always trying to anticipate the key decisions and turns. But, who is it that really influences and decides the overarching next steps?

In a large organization, you’ve got your CEO / President / Managing Dictator (misspelling intended) that sets the strategy for the organization – the long term growth plan, the key priorities, the budgets.

And in your own venture, your strategy is constantly adapted. You may attempt to set your own strategy based on your vision and experience. However, as you start, it seems like every new customer sets your strategy, your vision and influences your day-to-day activities! As the key decision maker in your own organization, you soon realize that the influencers pulling you in different directions are your existing customers and potential leads.  The best way to focus on a strategy is to develop key relationships and understand what drives your customers and constantly test and validate with the market.

How did you decide your first strategy? Let us know more in the comments below.

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Laugh a little and enjoy the blips on the road to startup success. This comic and post were originally created for 
#entrepreneurfail: Startup Success.

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