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What’s the first thing that you do when you have a new, great idea that you want to bring to life? For most people, you register the domain name and give it a home online, and then you want to tell all your friends all about it and get feedback.

Well, the clever team at POP.co has launched a new product that helps you to do that — with POP, you can register everything you need to get your new idea online in less than a minute. No messing with a long signup process, DNS records, Google Apps settings, and all those messy tech details. Just you, your idea, and three glorious features to get it online:

  1. The .CO domain of your choosing

  2. Google Apps for Business on that .CO domain (including your name@yourdomain.co email address to immediately email your Mom and make her think this idea is real!)

  3. A quick starter page to show off

Once you are ready to move beyond the starter page, POP also offers the simplest DNS manager we’ve ever seen. If you are using one of the most popular website builder products (like Heroku, Strikingly, Launchrock, and others) – you can set it up with a single click. No more worrying about A records, C names, Nameservers, and all that junk. However, you can do that too if you really want to.

Best of all, you can try it for free for 15 days, pay by the month (no more yearly or longer commitments!), and cancel at anytime.

UP Global supports POP because they are empowering entrepreneurs and making it easier to get online.

Got questions? You can reach them on Twitter at  @thePOPguys… and when you are ready to bring your idea to life, you should definitely POP it online!




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