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This article was written by Steven Mortimer and Dane Renkert , Founders of CRUSHLIFE CLOTH

Following Through: the act of continuing a plan, project, scheme, or the like to its completion.

The completion of a plan, doing what you say, following through, walking the talk, these are the marks of successful, honest, trustworthy people and we’d like them to be the attributes of our clothing company CRUSHLIFE CLOTH.

CRUSHLIFE CLOTH was started in 2012 with a mission to clothe the active, the motivated, the professional and the passionate. Our clothing is comfortable and the classic design exudes a sense of reality and style. Don’t wear it unless you mean it. 


We operate in a world where it is permissible to make hollow statements with no action whatsoever. In these modern times our words aren’t as often spoken as they’re typed. Take one look at the comments on youtube, twitter or facebook. These forums are boneyards of bold claims, outlandish opinions and unfounded statements. After all, if our words are “online” they don’t have to contain substance and will rarely be subject to proof. We can say what we want, whenever we want knowing that our words, in the end, mean nothing.

At CRUSHLIFE CLOTH we submit that if our words mean nothing than neither do we.

The act of doing what we say and standing by our words is the foundation for success and happiness. We believe that if we all committed to following through, our families, neighborhoods and country would be very different places. Is there anything worse than a flake? The people that predictably cancel last minute? The co-worker who has been talking for 2 years about quitting to get going on his startup? The youngster on your men’s league team who swears he’s joining a college team every fall? How do you view these people? Do you respect them? Trust them? Probably not; without action all of their claims MEAN NOTHING.

We all want to be viewed as trustworthy, respectable and dependable so how do we get there? We can easily get mired in long, deep conversations about the psychology of following through and there are multitudes of books about how to GET THINGS DONE but at CRUSHLIFE CLOTH we prefer to simplify things and we’ve found that these tips can make an immediate difference. Moreover, we designed our 2013 line and selected our fabrics with the idea that people will pull our clothing out of their closets when its time to tackle their to-do’s, fulfill their commitments, keep promises to themselves, set the pace and achieve their goals. We had this idea 4 years ago and we made a plan, progressed with patience, kept quiet and tackled tasks 1 at a time until we were up an running.

We want you to have the same types of experiences in your own life.

Analyze Yourself

What are you doing when you’re not completing your to-do’s? Are you a TV watcher? Video games? Alcohol? Are those activities bringing you the same satisfaction as the simple feeling of getting stuff done? Have you slowly morphed into an unproductive person? Are you fulfilling your responsibilities to your employer, spouse, kids and neighbors? How many things could you cross off your list if you did nothing but work this weekend? How would that feel?

Write it down.

Have a plan

Make lists, doodle drawings, create chronologies. Plan-making creates links in memory between anticipated future moments (e.g., a specific time of day, the moment when a certain event occurs or when a specific feeling or thought arises) and the behaviors required to achieve goals (Rogers, Milkman,John, Rogers).

Estimate Completion Time Realistically

Operate under the assumption that there will be problems along the way, planning for these ahead of time will help you avoid disappointment and keep you working towards completion. Problem solving and learning on the fly are attainable skills, isn’t that great?!

Don’t Advertise Your Plan

There is no reason to tell everyone what you’re about to do, the act of doing so is evidence that you haven’t started towards the goal, you’ve merely dreamed of it. When you’ve completed the task you can share. Don’t talk, walk; don’t promise your wife you’ll vacuum out her car this weekend, just go do it first thing Saturday morning or immediately after she asks you to do so. Action, action, action.

Tackle 1 thing at a time

Finish the present before taking on the future. If you’re doing yard work complete each task individually. Mow all the grass, then edge all the grass, rake all the gravel and so on. Put each necessary tool back where it belongs before grabbing the necessary tools and moving on to the next task. Live your life this way, it helps you avoid clutter and disorganization and gives your entire physiology the freedom to concentrate on single movements.

Reward Yourself

When tasks are completed, take pictures, enjoy a cold one, tell a friend! NOW you can share your success! Talk about the planning phase, how your organized the tasks involved and how great it felt to sweep up the final debris of your hard work. You have indeed followed through, so what’s next? Make a list of the things around your house and in your life that you’ve told yourself and others you were going to get done and approach them with this framework. Do a real appraisal of where you’re at and how you’d like to improve. Following through, completing tasks and keeping promises will make you a more joyful, successful and sought after person.