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This is a guest post by JT Ripton, a freelance writer and an aspiring entrepreneur. 

Running a start-up business isn’t easy, it is rewarding, encouraging and satisfying but it can also be the most frustrating period of your business’s lifespan, however you can make things run a little smoother using these 6 business software suites.

1. Sales Cloud: The Best Way to Stay Connected With Your Clients

Sales Cloud is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It lets your business store customer information including their contact information, marketing profile, and sales. This information is available to everyone in your company. When one employee updates information about the customer, it is visible to other departments. It even integrates Facebook and Twitter information. Sales Cloud is accessible on your mobile device. Quickly respond to calls, leads, and check for updates. This CRM syncs with most email programs including Gmail and Outlook.

2. QuickBooks: The Best Way to Organize Your Business Finances

Manage your business finances with QuickBooks, the accounting software for businesses. Track your income and expenses and conveniently import financial information from your spreadsheet software such as Excel. You can also import bank information. Prepare invoices, purchase orders, manage and pay bills, and track inventory and employee time with QuickBooks. You can even organize your tax information and prepare 1099 forms.

3. LogMeIn: Work on Your Office Computer from Anywhere

With the LogMeIn software you can work on your work computer form literally anywhere. If you couldn’t make it to the office for whatever reason or if you’re on a business trip, you have the ability to see your work computer’s desktop just as if you were there in the office. You also have the ability to log on to your employee’s computer if needed, to help and assist them or just to monitor what their up to while, you, the boss is away.

4. Microsoft Office: Essential Business Software to Complete your work

Microsoft Office has everything you need. For preparing business papers, there is Word. For presentations, use PowerPoint. To keep track of sales or calculate things, use Excel. Take notes with OneNote and send emails with Outlook. Create marketing materials, brochures, signs, hand-outs and almost anything else with Publisher and create and manage databases with Access. All these applications are available in the Microsoft Office suite.

5. Microsoft Enterprise: Business Cloud Services, Data Security, and Access Control

Make your business IT infrastructure more productive and secure with Microsoft Enterprise. It allows for streaming of Office applications to a number of devices and access to Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync data. Customize your administration portal and manage servers from any browser. Protect data with loss prevention policies and templates that protect sensitive information. Avoid compromising data in Outlook emails with a built-in policy education that warns users. You can enable rights management to restrict access as well.

There are several communication tools available with Enterprise including voicemail integration, HD video web conferencing, instant messaging, and Skype connectivity. With such connectivity and bandwidth usage, you will need a fast enough internet connection to use it without issues. Enterprise also offers advanced business tools for data analysis including PowerPivot and PowerView, as well as collaboration tools (Team Sites) and SkyDrive Pro cloud storage.

6. QuickBase: The Best Way to Manage Projects

One more piece of software to get for your startup business is QuickBase. It is a project management software that connects project members and gives them access to shared data. Easily assign tasks and check on the status of a project. Take advantage of customizable dashboards and automated email alerts.

These six software suites organize your business operations, connect your clients and employees. Install them today and take advantage of their benefits.