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The first thing you’ll notice is that when you land on the site, it already knows where you are and suggests you check out events nearby. No searching or filtering, simple click ‘Go!’ and you’ll be shown a list of events close to you.

near me 2Click ‘More Info’ to learn more about the event or simply proceed to getting tickets. That’s just two clicks to get you an event!

Near Me

We imagine this is how most people will use the event finder, but for those that know what they’re looking for, we added some other ways to slice and dice:

Search and View by….

By Region:

Perhaps you’re a Facilitator traveling to another part of the world and want to see what’s happening. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur on vacation and want to connect with the local scene. Whatever the case, you can use the Region view, you can easily zoom into a part of the world and find an event.

By Region

By Edition/Theme:

Looking for a specific type of event? Particularly interested in Education or maybe Space events? Our Editions view will help you find events related to a specific topic or industry.

By Edition

By Map:

Visual person? Just want to see what the global landscape looks like? Feeling nostalgic? This new and improved map will help you find an event anywhere in the world. You can also have it show historical events or just what is upcoming.

By Map

Have another way you’d like to see the events organized? Let us know by sending an email to help@techstars.com with #swredesign in the subject line and it will go right to the project team for consideration and prioritization.

See you at Startup Weekend soon!

Mitchell Cuevas
(@mcuevasm) I am the Sr. Marketing Director here at Techstars, am passionate about helping entrepreneurs, and am obsessed with finding, playing with, and implementing all the best new marketing (and other) technology I can get my hands on.