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Staff.com is based on the idea of hiring employees from all around the world.

They created this interesting infographic comparing the costs of a startup including a small office and hiring 2 developers and 1 designer from different cities and countries.


  • Anonim

    Colombia is cheaper

    • Iván Castellanos

      Yep; the average developer in Colombia earns only about 9600 and designers 8400.

  • Simon Stubben

    Where’s Copenhagen?!

    • aaa

      in Denmark…

      • Simon Stubben

        Nailed it!

  • Claudiu Ion


    • Claudiu Ion


  • Where is Seattle 0.0

    • lol



  • erowlin

    The only valuable datas in this infographic are the office one.
    If you want GOOD Developer or Designer, it’s like everywhere, you have to pay for it.

  • Nexus Creative Labs

    Outsource everything but your CTO. There’s no need for an office.

  • Cibi Kulandaisamy

    Inference: Mumbai is the only place where the office rent is more than the salary of developer and designer put together! Also blowing $70K on office rent for 2/3 three people in mumbai is not very startup like. 5000 dollars should be more than enough.

  • Mudassir Hanif

    Pakistan is way cheaper than all of these 🙂

  • Ali Shaheer Ejaz

    In Karachi almost $5,000 for startup and its good that you are also a developer

  • Team – we’re moving to Manila! Supposed to be lovely in October. I, for one, was happy to see those comp numbers thrown out for developers and designers and somewhat agree that they’re pretty “market” – at least the U.S. ones, that’s all I can really speak to.

    However, by hustling and finding passionate individuals who: 1) buy into your vision and want to make it a reality and 2) want ownership (not only of the company but of responsibility/creativity), you can definitely find top-notch talent for a more “reasonable” early stage startup price tag. You just have to hunt for them, find the right fits and let them do their thing. Disclaimer: that’s not easy.

    btw – staff.com, nice work on the infographic.

  • Denis Kazakov

    Ukraine have similiar cost as Philippines with much better quality

  • Ben Davey

    Good luck finding a developer in SF for $81k.

  • Dmitrij Zatuchin

    For Poland (Wroclaw) it will be less then in Mumbai (ca. $60k/year). And it’s a really nice European city with qualified specialists.

    • Shatru

      Does Poland have manpower? just want to know how many Software Engineers may be all together?

  • Tom Evans

    London looks pretty miserable.