Startup Weekend Mobile FAQ

So, it’s like a local Shark Tank?
Not exactly. On Shark Tank, people pitch businesses they’ve been building for a while in the hopes of finding an investor. During Startup Weekend, we’ll help folks figure out how to take their raw ideas and turn them into businesses. Instead of awarding cash, we’ve put together prize packages full of resources like free legal support, web design and coworking space – all the things the winners will need to get their new businesses off the ground.

But what if I don’t have some amazing idea?
Register anyway! The folks who do have amazing ideas are going to need some equally amazing teammates. Jump in with both feet to help them make it happen. It’s a fun challenge, a great learning experience and yields much deeper connections than the average networking event.

So I have to make a PowerPoint or something?
Nope – During the Friday night kickoff, it’s just you, a mic and 60 seconds. Sell us on your idea and tell us what kind of help you need to make it happen. If your idea advances, you and your team will have all weekend to perfect the pitch deck you’ll present during the finals.

What if my idea doesn’t advance into the finals?
Don’t leave! Join another team and get to work. You’ll learn by doing and walk away much better prepared to take another stab at your own idea.

But I don’t really know much about business stuff…
Perfect. This event is where techies and non-techies come together to learn and collaborate. You’ll have great leaders, coaches and teammates who can bring you up to speed on the pieces of the puzzle you’re still missing.

Does it really go all weekend long?
Basically. You’ll go home and sleep in your own bed each night, but you’ll definitely be in the zone the rest of the time. That’s why we supply all your meals and coffee!

So, is it expensive?
Heck no. Just $50 for a fun challenge, solid education and amazing networking with all meals included – really delicious local stuff, too. Register now at!