Announcing the 1st Artificial Intelligence Global Edition of Techstars Startupweekend Antananarivo


Event information :

“You want to start a project ? You want to test an idea ? You are looking for team members ?  you have nothing on schedule the weekend ? Global Startupweekend Antananarivo is your best opportunity 🙂 No AI Skills required, no tech skills required, mentors & organizers will help non-tech participants discover AI and how to apply IA to solve the common problems in the society” Jessica – GSWAIAN Organizer

Back to Antananarivo

Five Years since the very first edition of a Startupweekend Antananarivo, SW is back in Madagascar 3th of November to 2nd of December 2018 !!! The growing Malagasy tech ecosystem, the new techologies spread rate is changing the lives of Malagasy People. Organizers believe that AI still has its place in Madagascar and entrepreneurs believe that technology can offer solutions for everyday issues..


“Despite of any fact, I believe that Madagascar still have the next AliBaba, the next Google in the Indian Ocean and Africa. We have a strong growing tech local community, bound with external diaspora and in permanent contact with worldwide groups” Fandresena, Startupweekend Fianarantsoa former participant & GSWAI Organizer

The event format will keep the same format, 54 hours from Friday to Sunday in which participants pitch ideas, vote and select favorite ideas, form teams between 3 to 7 members, start brainstorming, receive feedback from mentors, prepare a Business Model, prototype an MVP, prepare a pitch deck and present the results in front of a panel of judges. Previous local events are available here :

11 Years of Startupweekend, 5 years of Startupweekend in Antananarivo

This year was highlighted by the expansion of Startupweekend into Malagasy provinces such as Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga. The ecosystem wants to democratize entrepreneurship, especially tech entrepreneurhship, indeed a few series of events are expect to be thrown in the next years / months. Coming years will probably bring Startupweekend to Toliara, Nosy-Be, Toamasina and other cities. Startupweekend never ends …


Under a Gobal initiative around Artificial Intelligence

The global AI is an initiative, born after the first SWAI in Paris in 2016. The first edition organizer in Paris in 2017 led to a sucess and a second edition which will regroups more startupweekends around the world. Local winning teams will enter a wordlwide global contest.

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“Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Autonomous car, facial recognition, neural network, multi-agent systems, object recognition, Pattern recognition, Smart predictive recommendation, Chatbots … Artificial Intelligence offers multiple domains and became more trivialized 🙂 SWAIAN purpose is to help participants to discover how they can apply  AI into simple business models, any knowledge of IA is not required to participate.” Gihanne SWAIAN Organizer


This year the Startupweekend will be organized at Etech consulting, major Tech company in Madagascar. Etech consulting is also deeply implicated in the AI field around Machine learning problematics. Need good internet connexion ? No worries, everything is set to give the best experience possible.

Upcoming Partners

Thanks to the Global Partners  Techstars & Google for entrepreneurs. Special thanks also to all the partners that will accompany us including SmartOne (IA datasets), Axian Group with Netapsys, Vanilla Pay(ecommerce & recommandation algorithm) and other actors, Antananarivo.AI (local community gatherings), Otwoo (Facial Recognition & Chatbots). The local organizing team stays available at, do not hesitate. KerKer 😉

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Startupweekend Antananarivo : Startup Weekend is Back in Madagascar


After a few years in standby, thanks to Google For Entrepreneurs, Techstars and the entrepreneurs community, Startupweekend is back to Antananarivo, Madagascar 🙂

For its 10th birthday, StartupWeekend comes with new and fresh design so we also want to bring fresh ideas with this new ChangeMakers edition that will take place 11th,12th,13th of August 2017 at Etech an IT company located in Antananarivo.

Madagascar, the beautiful island is sometimes known outside as a the country of “Moramora” where everything follows its own slow pace. With local potical and economical issues, the country was ranked among 7th lowest GDP (PIB) according to the IMF (International Monetary Funds).

Dear malagasy changemakers, startupers fellows, with this initiative the organizers aims at gathering alltogether all small entrepreneurs in Madagascar and bring change.

For most startupers, the real problem  in Madagascar is not investors (dont forget that google, Apple, Facebook started wih a few guys and few computers). The real issue is the lack of support and help. That’s why this year, the Startup weekend wants to emphasis this by making strong partenrship with local and international startups such as Bridge For Billions or Entr’up, companies that can help startupers stay on the line and succeed.

Lets join forces and bring changes !!!!

The Startup Weekend Antanananrivo Team –  by Mino.R

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