The prices for the 3 winners of Startup Weekend Athens – Audio & Radio Innovation – Entrepreneurial Journalism

What is happening today in the Radio and Audio Innovation Field?

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As students in the department of the department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University and part of the Advertising and Public Relations Laboratory we were given the chance to explore the Radio and Audio field a little bit further. Some of us have already been an important part of Panteion University’s Web Radio: Spam Web Radio. Through Spam Web Radio we had the chance to see the hardships and the perspectives that the radio industry carries… (read the full article here)

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We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Nikolas Minoglou!

Nikolas was born in London and raised in Greece. A BSc graduate from Tufts University and an MBA graduate from Babson College (USA), in 2006 returned to Athens and took over the family’s well established footwear business. In 2010, he founded, the leading online shoe retailer in Greece. In 2011, together with Designer Christina Martini he founded Ancient Greek Sandals, a shoe brand with international presence in more than 56 countries and 350 points of sale.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Alexis Komselis!

Alexis is an entrepreneurship educator, researcher and practitioner with an expertise in business modelling. At the ALBA Hub for Entrepreneurship and Development he helps celebrate and support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. At the same time he teaches at ALBA’s MSc in Entrepreneurship. He has co-created VentureGarden, a project supporting entrepreneurs throughout Greece. In the past he managed the Stelios Haji-Ioannou Award for Young Entrepreneurs in Greece and advised the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Association for the selection of the Kouros Awards recipients. 

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Spyros Arsenis!

Spyros Arsenis coordinates NBG Business Seeds program since 2010 and he was also the initial coordinator of the act4Greece Crowdfunding platform.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni judge, Andreas Vourkos!

Andreas Vourkos is one of the founders of Pollfish. A mobile enthusiast, seeking entrepreneurial commercialization of knowledge. Actively involved in the mobile apps world, interested in innovative products that can reach massive scale and improve the lives of millions. A mobile engineer, breaking things with Pollfish Android and iOS SDKs. Working closely with app publishers on how to define a better monetisation strategy.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Yiorgos Nikoletakis!

Born and raised in the island of Crete, Yiorgos & his team created 100mentors (, the EdTech company that empowers 21,000 students in 17 countries and 120 partner schools to connect with 2,500 industry role models – mentors from 300+ companies & organisations and 500+ universities, from a NASA aeronautics engineer to an agricultural entrepreneur in a nearby village – that the students would not be able to meet otherwise. Thousands of connections & testimonials after, the team has set a 3-year mission to reach 1 million students who via 100mentors will make their conscious once-in-a-lifetime career & academic decisions. With 100mentors Yiorgos won the London Business School Founder Award, the Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize in London, two Startup Weekend competitions and further cash prizes & distinctions. Before Education & Entrepreneurship he worked in Mergers & Acquisitions for energy and infrastructure projects in the US, Spain, UK and in Finance and Logistics positions in the US, China and Greece. Yiorgos studied in AUEB, Ohio State University and Columbia University, where he held research and fellowship positions at the Blinken European Institute. Yiorgos is the recipient of scholarships and fellowships from 10 institutions, like the Propondis Foundation, the State Scholarships Foundation and the Fulbright Foundation.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Leonidas Kanellopoulos!

Leonidas Kanellopoulos, is co-founder and Senior Developer in SimpleApps, a tech startup that develops mobile apps awarded in several young entrepreneurship and innovation contests. In the company he oversees the business strategy, whereas he is the team’s lead developer.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni judge, Betty Tsakarestou!

Betty initiated in 2011 #StartupLab a vertical lab in collaboration with startup community in Athens to help promote entrepreneurial and innovation culture and skills her undergraduate students. In this context, in 2012, inspired by Athens Startup Weekend, the idea to launch a Startup Weekend only for university students was born and launched. The following years she has co-initiated vertical SW on Education and the most recent one has been a SW on “Entrepreneurial Journalism”, while she has served as mentor and judge in SW events. She has gained academic experience as a lecturer and professor at Copenhagen Business School, at the University of Cyprus and at Warsaw School of Economics.

Special thanks to Papastratos!

Papastratos is a company which, through all these years of its operation, has clearly shown how supportive it is towards innovation and sustainability. Giving young people the chance to explore their talents and interests by supporting great initiatives, is one of the main goals of the company. So, we would like to thank Papastratos for being one of the main sponsors of Athens Startup Weekend University 2017!