Special thanks to Koutsodontis Preparation Center!

Koutsodontis Preparation Center, specialized in GMAT-GRE-SAT-IELTS & TOEFL programs, is constantly supporting Greek entrepreneurship. 

Their goal is to promote innovative ideas and to help students grow into young entrepreneurs and scientists. 
So, we would like to thank Koutsodontis for their support towards Athens Startup Weekend University 2017!

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We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Ioanna Fotopoulou!

Ioanna is an engineer, entrepreneur and public speaker since 2008. For her social initiatives against corruption in Greece ( in the tax evasion system as well as the local level governments) she has been recognised by many international organisations like One Young World, Clinton Global Initiative (CGIU) and Social Impact Awards among others. She has been a president of Rotaract Anatolia, president of the student engineer department and currently is a member of Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum. Worked as a political activist for 2 years in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, have worked in the European Parliament, the ministry of Education in Greece and currently runs her 3rd company, Simple, Rocks that is focused on helping people have sustainable businesses and find the right clients in the minimum cost. She truly believes that employment (as well as self employment) is the most empowering gift she can give to today’s youth! 

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Kostas Xiradakis!

Κostas co-created Tiz + 2 more startups and has over 3 years of full-time tech startups experience in digital marketing, product and business development roles. He provides marketing and growth consulting services for B2C companies, like e-food.gr, and holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Piraeus. Bonus facts: his first startup, Uninotes, was formed and awarded in Athens Startup Weekend University 2013 and he is known to take bribes in the form of Greek barbecue.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Magy Kontou!

Magy Kontou, is the co-Founder and UI/UX Designer in SimpleApps, a tech startup that develops mobile apps awarded in several young entrepreneurship and innovation contests. In the company she oversees all the creative output across different digital channels. 

We are happy to announce our #aswuni judge, Stefanos Katsimpas!

Stefanos Katsimpas (28) has marketing background and communication skills. He has a 2-time startup experience and helped several startup companies in their early stage with marketing and product design.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Nagia-Panagiota Stagkouraki!

Nagia has been working in Microsoft Greece since March 2015, as a Start-up-Community Manager. She leads the BizSpark program in Greece, which is a global program that helps startups reach the next level. The program offers one-year access to current, full-featured software development tools and Azure cloud services.  She is a member of Developer eXperience team in Microsoft Hellas, Cyprus and Malta, which provides technical and business guidance to developers of all ages from students to software companies. Nagia enjoys the interaction with startups and she works close to startups that are hosted on Microsoft Innovation Centre in Athens. Moreover, she develops and executes digital marketing plans focused on technical audiences and organizes events related to startups, developers and students.

We are happy to announce our new #aswuni coach, Dimitris Terzopoulos!

Dimitris Terzopoulos is 24 years old and has graduated from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. In 2014, he joined Google where he currently works as an IT Expert.
While attending high school, Dimitris developed an online voting system, e-kloges.gr. Initially, e-kloges.gr was designed to conduct high school student elections. Nowadays, e-kloges.gr has evolved into a powerful voting platform which ensures ballot secrecy and integrity. Its goal is to encourage and maximize citizen participation in elections. E-kloges is trusted by the Greek Ministry of Education, the largest public and private schools of Greece, as well as a variety organizations.
In addition, Dimitris has been distinguished in various international IT competitions and has been a first alternate member of the National Informatics Team, in which then participated as a trainer.

We are happy to announce our #aswuni coach, Georgios Gatos!

Georgios loves startups and technology oriented companies. He is an expert in narrowing the gap between a concept idea and its targeted market, by working on strategy, operations and business development.  He has consulted many ICT related companies in the past and from 2012 to 2016 I took a “hands on” position by joining one of the best startups in order to expand my horizons and has put into action all the advice that helped others in the past. He began his career in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Florida. Over the years, he worked as a consultant for small and medium size innovative companies responsible for business planning and fundraising and later worked as an investment officer and advisor to Venture Capital firms. At Workable, he is building a sales development team that actively contributes to the company’s fast-pace growth.

Startup Weekend is off and running at the Innovation Center!

Kicking off Startup Weekend here at the Innovation Center, Daniel Johnsen helped bring together the crowd with a rousing introduction. Johnsen has participated in over 30+ Startup Weekends, ranging from a competitor to a judge, and now as a team coordinator.  Johnsen challenged the idea of “Fail Fast” and proposed his own idea of “Speed to Outcome.” He suggests that individuals work their hardest to head towards an outcome, whether it be a good one or not.

“The importance of this idea”, Johnsen said,”is that you learn from your failures and successes to become a better entrepreneur overall.”

Johnsen then introduced Dr. Christopher Crawford, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Ohio University College of Business.

“If you don’t dare greatly, you don’t achieve greatness”, Crawford said.

Crawford challenged the attendees to avoid being normal and expect greatness from themselves. The main topic he wanted the attendees to take away from his speech was “Expectation drives actions, and actions drive outcomes.” Crawford believes that you must expect outlier outcomes to achieve them. You must do things differently from the normal to receive abnormal rewards.

After our guest speaker concluded, Johnsen moved into the pitch stage of the weekend. Various attendees volunteered and pitched a variety of different ideas, which they will vote on later in the evening. David Stroud lead off the pitches with the idea of a solar shade canopy. Another idea pitched was by Michale Adams, who came up with the idea of a mobile t-shirt shop.

Startup Weekend is off and running. Make sure you stop by the Innovation Center on  Sunday to find out which pitches will make the judges cut. We look forward to seeing you there!

Startup Weekend Brainstorming Session

The Innovation Center Startup Weekend continues, and you can feel the excitement from both the coaches and the team members. Last night was the first day and people had the opportunity to form teams around business ideas that they came up with within minutes! Since then, the teams have been meeting to brainstorm how they can turn their ideas into money.

Craft IPA Group
Group 3 hard at work.

This year, there are three teams that are competing. The first team is working on Homeless prevention, and the second team is developing a ‘ dining hall hacks’ app, while the third team is developing a strategy for delivering IPA beers. Each of these teams have a room to themselves for the duration of the Startup Weekend, and has access to coaches who have the entrepreneurial expertise to guide their ideas.

Group 2 generating future ideas from past and present.
Group 2 generating future ideas from past and present.

The Homeless prevention team spent the day brainstorming on who their customer segments would be and how they would structure the way they provide assistance.

Group 2 working hard to fight Veteran Homelessness.
Group 1 is working hard to fight Veteran Homelessness.

The dining hall hack team was brainstorming their value proposition to make it both appealing and affordable.

Group 2
Group 2 brainstorming ideas to improve culinary services.

The IPA beers team was brainstorming their business focus and some of the challenges that they may have to consider with the alcohol business.Group 3 listens intently to gain insight. Group 3 listens intently as Leslie shares advice and insight. 

This promises to be an exciting weekend!

By: Abena Agyei-Boateng and Michelle House