Food for Mind and Soul: Our Meditation Workshop

In order to prepare the participants for the eventful days of Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna Women, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, right before we proceed with workshops and ideas, we will meditate together under the guidance of Natalie Hörberg.

Natalie is a relaxation and mindfulness trainer, language teacher for German & French and a singer, but most importantly, Natalie is our calming pole in the hustle. She will guide you through morning meditation helping to focus and will give advice on how you can structure your daily routine, create and stick to new useful habits.

Natalie is a French-German extrovert. She graduated with a degree in economics and worked as a marketing and personal assistant in international companies for over 15 years. Before starting her professional career, she first went on a 7-month-long world tour where she had a chance to gain a lot of intercultural knowledge. Natalie always wanted to understand people, she wanted to work with people.

For that very reason, ten years ago she quit her job. She began a new chapter in her life by completing a musical training in Paris as she believed that would contribute to her personal growth (and it did!). Four years ago, she moved to Vienna and started to work as a language trainer. Last year, she took part in a relaxation and mindfulness training as she wanted to combine this with her teaching. Since then, she keeps on being busy as a singer, teacher for language schools as well as for her own PEP.S Sprachtraining, additionally to being active as a presenter and role-player for management trainings.

She is used to being on stage and in front of the camera and loves to bring enthusiasm and to pass the experience she gained on to her students and those who participate in her trainings. She is convinced that intuition plays an important role in this fascinating job as well.

Come and meet Natalie at our Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna, she is looking forward to introducing you to a more mindful way of living!

How to nail your One-Minute Pitch

On the first evening of the Startup Weekend Women Vienna we will have the one-minute pitch. While pitching on Friday is optional, each participant will have the chance to share their idea and inspire other participants to join her team.

So what is a Pitch, anyway?

A pitch is the presentation of a business idea to potential investors/ customers/ partners etc in a short predefined amount of time.

While there are different pitch formats, which we will learn about in a dedicated workshop during the Startup Weekend Women Vienna, for now we will focus on the One Minute Pitch.

 Many people think pitching is scary but as an experienced pitcher I can tell you that it could be great fun.

Don’t we pitch ourselves, our ideas or our products every day? What difference does a microphone make?

 This time, the purpose of your pitch is to get the other participants so excited about your idea that they want to join your team immediately.

“You can have the most innovative idea in the world, but if you can’t get people excited about it, it doesn’t matter” Steve Jobs

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Divide your pitch in 4 parts:

Keep in mind that you only have one minute to pitch, so use every second well. Don’t talk about your university degrees, your previous jobs, your family life or the countries you have lived in. There is no time for this.

I recommend you to distribute your time as follows:

1. I am ….       (5-10 seconds)

Try to use a hook so people will remember you and your skill set.

Example: My name is Melody, I’m a fashion designer and I also love coding. I have launched three collections so far and programmed two apps.

2.The problem I have noticed is ….     (10-20 seconds)

Try to explain the problem in a simple way so that the audience can relate to it.

Example: How many of you ask yourselves before buying clothes or shoes: Is it produced in a sustainable way? There are hundreds of brands out there but you would like to choose an ethical one and you don’t know what to choose. You could go to website of the companies and check their promises but still there is no way of verifying them. And all this is very time-consuming.

3.My solution is….     (10-20 seconds)

Explain your solution in a credible and logical way. And of course add your secret sauce.

Example: I propose to develop a platform and app that brings transparency on the Corporate Social Responsibility of the fashion industry, that is built on blockchain.

4.I am looking for ….      (5-10 seconds)

Finish your pitch with a call for action – What people with what skill sets you are looking for.

Example: I am looking for developers and marketing people that would love to join me and together build a startup that will help to make our world a better place.


Finally go there and shine! Pitching is always show business!

People love to join forces with someone who is passionate, motivated and skillful, and of course they want to work on meaningful ideas.

Every sentence should be short, clear and meaningful!

Important!!!! Do NOT read your pitch – it must be memorized.

Finally practice, practice, practice!

Then practice some more with high energy and by putting more emotion in the pitch!

Now go out there and shine! I am sure You will rock it!

I will be there if you need any last advice.

If you don’t have a ticket yet, get your ticket here for the Startup Weekend Women Vienna 2019.

 Tila 🐝  


Meet the Team: Raphael Jochmann

After a brief pause, we continue introducing you to our amazing team of superheroes: so today, please meet Raphael. Besides being our contact point with the host of the event – Talent Garden Vienna – Raphael is also responsible for Sales and Partnerships Management at Talent Garden. Prior to coming back and settling in Vienna, Raphael had the chance to live and work in three different countries: Italy, France, and Spain, while doing his master studies. Therefore, he is fluent in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian. Alongside his studies, Raphael was involved in a variety of projects and have worked together with people from different cultural backgrounds. Experiencing so many countries and cultures allowed Raphael to develop a truly multicultural mindset and to leave ethnocentric thinking behind.

Raphael really enjoys being part of the Talent Garden family as he believes that working together with people from all over the world represents the ideal fit for him. When Raphael is not busy getting in touch with old and new Talent Garden partners or pitching ideas he enjoys doing all kinds of sports.

We are very grateful for having Raphael on board with us and we heard that he also cannot wait to see you all next Friday!

What We Did Last Sunday (Hint: We Worked a Lot with Our Hands)

Two weeks before the Startup Weekend Women Vienna takes place, we, the organizing team, some volunteers, and the wonderful and creative Nadine Schratzberger from NASCH Sportswear gathered together to make something very unique for our participants. We thought we’d gift everyone who is going to take part in the Weekend with a special present. And so, we produced completely handmade and very sustainable tablet/laptop bags!

We got together on a gloomy Sunday morning in a place with truly grand view.

In order to make the bags, everyone brought some old clothes or textiles that are still pretty but no longer in use, because who throws good things away? Certainly not us. We believe in reusing and recycling as we know for a fact that something truly incredible can be made out of things instead of just getting rid of them. And so we worked in teams. People cut the textiles to get the needed shape, others selected the matching patterns and Nadine did the hardest part: she sewed the bags!

Then, as a way of expressing our creative and artistic personalities, we hand-painted the bags with our sponsors’ logos. It was a very hard and labor-intensive day – we worked from nine in the morning till six in the evening! But today the whole team woke up happy knowing that none of our participants will go home empty handed – everybody will have a small souvenir they can use on a daily basis while simultaneously reminiscing about the great 54 hours of that September weekend.

Let’s get moving!

By now you probably know that we are going to do a LOT on the Techstars Startup Weekend Women, right? We will present the ideas, get feedback and support, collaborate and network among many other cool things. But what about some fun?

Enter: Nia. I know, it’s confusing. So, let me explain. Nia is a sensory-based movement practice which is a combination of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. Nia is designed to nurture, condition and nourish your body and your soul. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music and the trainings are designed for those seeking personal enrichment and development. The practice blends nine different movement forms: Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Jazz, the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, the Alexander Technique and Yoga. Every class offers a unique combination of 52 moves that correspond the main areas of the body: the base, the core and the upper extremities.

via: Eventfinda

Who will introduce you to the exciting world of Nia? Enter: Esther Berg. She is a black belt Nia teacher who is also a physiotherapist and a certified energy healer. Esther has been practicing since 2000 and she knew immediately that teaching Nia would be her calling. Having taught the practice for almost two decades, Esther’s biggest dream finally came true: she opened her own Nia studio in Vienna and called it VIBES.

On Saturday, Esther will offer a 30-minute class for the participants to help them unwind from all the thinking and sitting down. She is hoping that her passion and enthusiasm will find new Nia followers among the participants of Techstars Startup Weekend Women.

Meet the Team: Gabriela-Nicoleta Petrov

Since our team is so wonderful, we won’t stop until we present the very last member (still quite a way to go)! So today you are going to get to know our Event Manager – Gabriela Petrov! She is very young indeed, but don’t let it fool you as Gabriela is an amazingly creative young entrepreneur with a ton of innovative ideas!

In addition to being a student of International Business Administration, Gabriela is also active as a Project Manager at KulturenReich. Prior to that, Gabby was involved in various other projects: she worked as a journalist for an online newspaper, content creator, and even managed websites for different businesses!

Just like everyone else on the team, Gabriela takes pleasure in helping others. For that very reason she has been volunteering since her high school times – Gabby helped out as an event coordinator and acted as a coach in an exchange program. She also did an exchange year in Switzerland – how cool is that! When not working or studying, Gabriela loves travelling or cozying up with a good book. Given her experience in content creation, Gabby is an avid writer who likes to pen an article or two for the projects she’s a part of.

Having lived and travelled all over the place, Gabriela naturally speaks 6 languages: Romanian, Russian, English, German, French and even Chinese!

This year, she received a scholarship to attend European Forum Alpbach that took place in the second half of August. Gabriela plans to translate this experience into her future ventures, including, of course, the Techstars Startup Weekend Women in Vienna!

Want to practice your language skills? Or talk about the European ideas and ideals? Have a talk with Gabriela during the Weekend!


Meet the Team: Elisabeth Siencnik

Let me introduce you to the Techstars Weekend Women Financial Manager – Elisabeth Siencnik. Elisabeth is a solution-focused coach and consultant who has over 20 years of finance and project management experience. She has worked together with various multinational companies, international NGOs and startups.

Elisabeth LOVES what she does. Always very friendly and ready to help, Elisabeth made it her job to provide support to companies and organizations as a finance and project manager. Not only that, but she also acts as a facilitator and solution-focused team coach additionally to offering her assistance as a coach, sparring partner and networking partner. Our lovely Financial Manager is constantly on the lookout for different companies and organizations that are in need of improving their finance and project management. Besides, if you are searching for a networking partner or a coach – look no further! Elisabeth is your perfect choice.

All the professional accolades aside, Elisabeth is a kind and charming person who is always trying to make positive changes in our society. She is more than passionate about building and supporting communities and helping young, especially female, entrepreneurs grow. When she’s not changing the world, Elisabeth enjoys practicing yoga or spending time at the seaside or in the mountains (like a true Austrian she is). She also possesses a unique gift of feeling at home wherever she finds herself and then, once she gets this homey feeling, she doesn’t want to leave! Oh, and Elisabeth is also a polyglot who speaks 5 (!) languages: German, English, Slovenian as well as some Romanian and French! Well, she did after all live all over Europe, having called France, Slovenia, the UK and Romania her home!

So, don’t miss your chance to get to know Elisabeth at the event!

Meet Our Host: Talent Garden Vienna!

We are beyond thrilled and grateful for being able to hold our event at this amazing co-working space in the heart of Vienna. Talent Garden, as per their own words, is Europe’s leading innovation platform and co-working network which aims to facilitate digital innovation. Having originated in the Lombardian town of Brescia in 2011, Talent Garden has spread over 8 European countries since then and now has 23 campuses that host over 3,500 members.

via: Talent Garden Vienna

Talent Garden Vienna campus is without doubt a dream of co-working space. Located in Alsergrund, the 9th district of Vienna, it is easily reachable by public transport, while also providing free parking for the members. TAG Vienna campus offers several event spaces and meeting rooms as well as community areas and even a café on the ground floor. But it isn’t only the infrastructure that makes Talent Garden Vienna so popular among freelancing folks, startups, SMEs and corporates. Frequent networking events, such as co-working sessions and meetups, make TAG Vienna even more appealing. However, what helps Talent Garden really stand out among its counterparts is its Innovation School. Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna is one of the most ground-breaking educational institutions in Europe and it offers multiple courses focused on digital technologies and innovation, in particular, on UX design, frontend coding, digital transformation, growth and digital marketing.

As an attendee of the Techstars Startup Weekend Women Vienna, why do you need to know all this, you might ask. Well, the winner will get 2 TAG memberships valid for the entire year with exclusive access to every Talent Garden Campus in Europe!

So, if you’re still thinking whether being a part of Techstars Startup Weekend in Vienna will be worth it – don’t wait any longer! Just go to the event’s page to find out more and get your ticket while there still are some! And for some info on our wonderful partner in crime – Talent Garden Vienna – visit

See you soon!

Meet the Team: Asetila Köstinger

With just a few weeks left until the event we thought we might as well introduce you to our fabulous team. So, let’s start with the mastermind behind it all – Asetila Köstinger.

Asetila is a learning entrepreneur, a community builder and enterprise facilitator based in Vienna. She is the founder of Koestinger International Consulting, chapter leader of Zebras Unite for Austria and co-founder of the green startup Greenwell Energy. Greenwell Energy creates geothermal energy from recycled oil wells and plans to use the energy generated in heat-intensive agricultural production. This huge interdisciplinary project with a strong technical context makes Asetila Köstinger one of the few women managing STEM startups in Austria. She loves the project a whole lot and works hard to steer it to success.

Asetila is also very passionate about female empowerment through entrepreneurship. Taking inspiration from her entrepreneurial journeys and experience, she has created different impact entrepreneurship development programs and tools such as the #FocusImpactShine model or acceleration programs like “WeDO Ideas Lab” and “OpenBox”, as well as countless others.

“There’s a special place in heaven for women who help other women grow” – this paraphrase of the famous Madeleine Albright quote is what best describes the work of Asetila, who is also the co-founder and dreamer behind of the impact initiative KulturenReich – a startup that helps foreign-born women become professionally successful and financially independent. As Global Startup Weekend Women has the same underlying premise – supporting female entrepreneurs in their desire to build and develop their own companies, Tila the Bumblebee 🐝 decided to be the first to bring this amazing initiative to Vienna.

Here’s what Elisabeth Siencnik, the event’s Financial Manager and someone who has known Tila for quite some time, has to say about her: “Asetila or Tila the Bumblebee is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is highly motivating and inspiring, hard-working and very determined. When it comes to startups, Tila knows (almost) everything (from business model canvas to lean) and definitely everyone – she is the perfect networker. What I like most about her is her “Yes, AND” attitude. Whenever you approach Tila with an idea, she first listens to you and then does everything to make it happen. Sometimes even things that seem impossible first. You have not heard the story of Tila and the Bumblebee? Ask Asetila!”

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Why Should I Attend Techstars Startup Weekend Women?

For a couple of reasons. First, you no longer have to make plans for that penultimate weekend of September as we got you covered. Second, there might be some wine involved (we cannot promise anything, but probably quite likely there will be something) and thirdly, there will definitely be snacks (as a valuable addition to all sorts of good food).

On a more serious note, Techstars Startup Weekend Women was designed with one purpose in mind: to support female entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve success in their chosen field.  The 54 hours of this Weekend will be dedicated to bringing like-minded women (and male allies) together in order to devise new strategies and ideas for a better world.

It doesn’t matter, what your area of expertise is or whether you have a pitch or simply want to join someone who already has some preconceived business plan. All that counts is your presence and desire to contribute to the work of your team. Starting from Friday evening, you will be surrounded by the inspirational people from all walks of life striving to make a difference. With the help of mentors present at the event, this won’t be too hard to attain. So, if you are looking for a place where you can network, exchange ideas and get the needed input and feedback, Techstars Startup Weekend Women is the place for you.  

And just a teeny tiny FYI, our Early Bird Tickets are still on sale! You’re up for a lovely weekend soaking up all the passion and creativity from fellow participants, mentors and speakers? Then better hurry up and visit to get your pass to 54 hours of the unforgettable experience!