Meet Our Host: Talent Garden Vienna!

We are beyond thrilled and grateful for being able to hold our event at this amazing co-working space in the heart of Vienna. Talent Garden, as per their own words, is Europe’s leading innovation platform and co-working network which aims to facilitate digital innovation. Having originated in the Lombardian town of Brescia in 2011, Talent Garden has spread over 8 European countries since then and now has 23 campuses that host over 3,500 members.

via: Talent Garden Vienna

Talent Garden Vienna campus is without doubt a dream of co-working space. Located in Alsergrund, the 9th district of Vienna, it is easily reachable by public transport, while also providing free parking for the members. TAG Vienna campus offers several event spaces and meeting rooms as well as community areas and even a café on the ground floor. But it isn’t only the infrastructure that makes Talent Garden Vienna so popular among freelancing folks, startups, SMEs and corporates. Frequent networking events, such as co-working sessions and meetups, make TAG Vienna even more appealing. However, what helps Talent Garden really stand out among its counterparts is its Innovation School. Talent Garden Innovation School Vienna is one of the most ground-breaking educational institutions in Europe and it offers multiple courses focused on digital technologies and innovation, in particular, on UX design, frontend coding, digital transformation, growth and digital marketing.

As an attendee of the Techstars Startup Weekend Women Vienna, why do you need to know all this, you might ask. Well, the winner will get 2 TAG memberships valid for the entire year with exclusive access to every Talent Garden Campus in Europe!

So, if you’re still thinking whether being a part of Techstars Startup Weekend in Vienna will be worth it – don’t wait any longer! Just go to the event’s page to find out more and get your ticket while there still are some! And for some info on our wonderful partner in crime – Talent Garden Vienna – visit

See you soon!

Meet the Team: Asetila Köstinger

With just a few weeks left until the event we thought we might as well introduce you to our fabulous team. So, let’s start with the mastermind behind it all – Asetila Köstinger.

Asetila is a learning entrepreneur, a community builder and enterprise facilitator based in Vienna. She is the founder of Koestinger International Consulting, chapter leader of Zebras Unite for Austria and co-founder of the green startup Greenwell Energy. Greenwell Energy creates geothermal energy from recycled oil wells and plans to use the energy generated in heat-intensive agricultural production. This huge interdisciplinary project with a strong technical context makes Asetila Köstinger one of the few women managing STEM startups in Austria. She loves the project a whole lot and works hard to steer it to success.

Asetila is also very passionate about female empowerment through entrepreneurship. Taking inspiration from her entrepreneurial journeys and experience, she has created different impact entrepreneurship development programs and tools such as the #FocusImpactShine model or acceleration programs like “WeDO Ideas Lab” and “OpenBox”, as well as countless others.

“There’s a special place in heaven for women who help other women grow” – this paraphrase of the famous Madeleine Albright quote is what best describes the work of Asetila, who is also the co-founder and dreamer behind of the impact initiative KulturenReich – a startup that helps foreign-born women become professionally successful and financially independent. As Global Startup Weekend Women has the same underlying premise – supporting female entrepreneurs in their desire to build and develop their own companies, Tila the Bumblebee 🐝 decided to be the first to bring this amazing initiative to Vienna.

Here’s what Elisabeth Siencnik, the event’s Financial Manager and someone who has known Tila for quite some time, has to say about her: “Asetila or Tila the Bumblebee is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is highly motivating and inspiring, hard-working and very determined. When it comes to startups, Tila knows (almost) everything (from business model canvas to lean) and definitely everyone – she is the perfect networker. What I like most about her is her “Yes, AND” attitude. Whenever you approach Tila with an idea, she first listens to you and then does everything to make it happen. Sometimes even things that seem impossible first. You have not heard the story of Tila and the Bumblebee? Ask Asetila!”

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Why Should I Attend Techstars Startup Weekend Women?

For a couple of reasons. First, you no longer have to make plans for that penultimate weekend of September as we got you covered. Second, there might be some wine involved (we cannot promise anything, but probably quite likely there will be something) and thirdly, there will definitely be snacks (as a valuable addition to all sorts of good food).

On a more serious note, Techstars Startup Weekend Women was designed with one purpose in mind: to support female entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve success in their chosen field.  The 54 hours of this Weekend will be dedicated to bringing like-minded women (and male allies) together in order to devise new strategies and ideas for a better world.

It doesn’t matter, what your area of expertise is or whether you have a pitch or simply want to join someone who already has some preconceived business plan. All that counts is your presence and desire to contribute to the work of your team. Starting from Friday evening, you will be surrounded by the inspirational people from all walks of life striving to make a difference. With the help of mentors present at the event, this won’t be too hard to attain. So, if you are looking for a place where you can network, exchange ideas and get the needed input and feedback, Techstars Startup Weekend Women is the place for you.  

And just a teeny tiny FYI, our Early Bird Tickets are still on sale! You’re up for a lovely weekend soaking up all the passion and creativity from fellow participants, mentors and speakers? Then better hurry up and visit to get your pass to 54 hours of the unforgettable experience! 

What is Techstars Global Startup Weekend for Women?

Have you ever thought about how much you can achieve in 54 hours? Well, depends on the circumstances, you might say. Turns out, there’s a huge probability of you coming up with a new idea and bringing it to life within only 2 days and 6 hours. That is, given you have a supportive and encouraging environment which is exactly what Global Startup Weekend Women is offering you.

During the event, you will have an opportunity to pitch your own problem-solving idea to other participants, vote on the most exciting one and then form a team of amazing superhero entrepreneurs each with their own unique skillset. The pitch you present must be innovative and aim to solve a social, educational, financial, environmental or another pressing issue. Your team and yourself will be tasked with a challenge of creating a prototype of your MVP, or minimum viable product, that should fit the needs of your prospective customer. Your fellow participants and judges will give you valuable feedback and, who knows, maybe it will prompt you to introduce some changes to your idea or even turn the whole thing around! The coaches and mentors, all stemming from different fields and having different backgrounds, will be there for you ready to offer their help and answer whatever questions you might have. And don’t forget, your idea must truly stand out – you and your team will win a lot of great prizes and even send an ambassador to the final Techstars Startup Weekend in Singapore! If you come second or third, don’t get upset just yet – there will be gifts for you as well.

Even though GSWW is an event that aims to reinforce female presence on the startup scene, innovation-oriented men are encouraged to participate as well! Think you might have an idea that will take you to Singapore? Then apply and spend a wonderful weekend surrounded by inspiring like-minded people in the beautiful city of Vienna.