The Mayor of Banjarmasin supports the Startup Weekend Indonesia Banjarmasin event


BANJARMASIN, infobanua – The rapid development of technology, has also changed the business model. The emergence of startup companies – new companies that are being developed. As a real example. Their presence provides extensive contribution and influence. At present, Indonesia has four startups with Unicorn status, namely Gojek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and Bukalapak.

No exception in the city of Banjarmasin, known as a trading city, the development of startup companies began to emerge. For this reason, the Borneo Startup Community, whose members consist of millennial entrepreneurs, held an audience to Banjarmasin Mayor Ibnu Sina’s official residence on Jalan Dharma Praja, Tuesday morning (12/24/2019).

According to Muhammad Nicko Farizki, the number one audience in Banjarmasin, the Borneo Startup Community wants to collaborate with the Banjarmasin City Government to support the Banjarmasin Startup Weekend activity which will be held January 31 to February 2 2020 at Plaza Smart City Banjarmasin.

“Thank God, the mayor responded positively to the existence of the Starup Borneo Community who will hold a Banjarmasin Startup Weekend activity, in order to grow new young entrepreneurs in the city of Banjarmasin,” Founder Hello Via said.

Nicko said, the activity was open to anyone interested in developing a startup. Starting from students, entrepreneurs, programmers, designers and others. Participants will be given the opportunity to present their ideas and give the idea owner the opportunity to find partners to realize them.

“So this event is also open to colleagues who may not have a business idea, perhaps from the presentations they are interested in joining,” explained Founder Amang Ojek.

According to Nicko, Startup Weekend was also designed as a consultation event, there were no panel events or seminars. Mentors and validators of business ideas will come face to face with the participants to help finalize the ideas they bring.

“Techstars, startup accelerator from the United States, together with Kumpul, community platforms and coworking space. Startup Weekend Indonesia, and Google for Startups support curriculum materials for participants during the three-day program. The material prepared has been adjusted and tested in accelerating the process of developing startups, from forming teams, brainstorming ideas, validation, to creating MVP, “he said.

Borneo Startup Community Chairperson Riza Akhyari (Founder of Borneo Trip Application), Deputy Chairperson Adam Nugraha (Founder of Warko Application), Secretary M. Nicko Farizki (Founder of Amang Ojek Application), Deputy Chair of Mmimin Membership Division (Founder of Talenta Banua Application), vice chairman in the field of Media Mahyuddin Noor (Carigawi Application Founder).

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