SW Bootcamp Barcelona (II): Business Model Validation

This event will take place on Tuesday 2 of June 2015 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m at TwentyTú Hi-Tech Hostel (Calle Pamplona 114, Barcelona 08018).

Get your ticket here. Remember you will be able to discount the amount of the Bootcamp from the entrance at Startup Weekend Barcelona taking place on the 12-13-14th of June if you finally attend both events.


Business Model Validation Bootcamp II

Bootcamps are practical workshops in order to train your skills for the main Startup Weekend event taking place on the 12th to 14th of June 2015. That is why if you finally attend SW Event in June the price of the Bootcamp will be discounted from the ticket entrance. People just interested in participating in the Bootcamp are also welcome!

Why would your customer pay for your service? How much are they willing to pay? What makes you different from your competitors? When talking about business, we cannot loose the focus on our customer, which is the one that will make me earn money. Investors will hesitate if your business presentation does not include an accurate data about consumer analysis or market research to know how can your idea fit. In economics, market tells the truth and a good approach to listen your consumers can make you change completely your business, that is, to pivot. In this second Bootcamp, you will learn useful tools to be able to validate across the weekend your business model.  


Our speaker: Michael Counihan

Business Fundraising, Startup Strategy, Company Exits and M&A Mike is a Lean Startup Circle Barcelona Organizer, where he leads discussions with guest speakers in entrepreneurship and Lean Startup. He also participates into Startup Bang Bang. He teaches Lean Startup courses in the Lean Startup Master at Politècnica. He is specialized on the 3 Engines of Growth; Pirate Metrics and Startup Metrics in general. He had an e-commerce startup located in the SeedRocket Accelerator (www.seedrocket.com), so he has a ton of experiences and learning’s he wants to share from this experience. He is now working in Startup and Technology company fundraising.


If you want to get in touch you can find us here:

SW Bootcamp Barcelona (I): Elevator Pitch, get over your fears

This event will take place on Tuesday 26 of May 2015 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m at TwentyTú Hi-Tech Hostel (Calle Pamplona 114, Barcelona 08018).

Get your ticket here. Remember you will be able to discount the amount of the Bootcamp from the entrance at Startup Weekend Barcelona taking place on the 12-13-14th of June if you finally attend both events.


Elevator Pitch Bootcamp, get over your fears!

Bootcamps are practical workshops in order to train your skills for the main Startup Weekend event taking place on the 12th to 14th of June 2015. That is why if you finally attend SW Event in June the price of the Bootcamp will be discounted from the ticket entrance. People just interested in participating in the Bootcamp are also welcome!

Do you have a business idea and want to persuade a business angel how awesome it is? In this first Bootcamp, you will receive the best tips to pitch a business idea within 1 minute and how to succeed your message to be clearly understood by the audience.

Quim Chalé, professional coach at GUIAE, will expose on a practical way some tools that can help you getting over public presentation pressure. Participants will be asked to participate as volunteers to pitch and get over some interesting examples. Your attitude towards this Bootcamp will be crucial to improve yourself ability to communicate.

Participants will then join in groups to formulate business ideas and learn how to keep listener’s attention thanks to personal coaching. After many repetitions, you will feel more confident about yourself. Groups will select one spokesperson to present their idea in front of the other participants. Speakers will get instant feedback to keep improving. This Bootcamp can be more profitable if you come with a business idea.


Our speaker: Quim Chalé

Personal Growth Trainer and Coach, Sales Rep Tools SL, GUIAE Formacion y Coaching SL

Entrepreneur with own busineses since he was 19 years old, his professional life turns him into become passionate about selling, marketing, public presentations, training, personal development and coaching.

He has been working with hundred of firms improving their organization, especially on the field of sales, teams and results. In the last 10 years he has been offering lots of workshops and seminars in public institutions and firms like Barcelona Activa, Ayuntamiento de l’Hospitalet, Institució Cultural del CIC, Inmobiliarias Piso Perfecto and Hipotecamanía, Grup L’Onada, Residencia Itaca, Abrisud, Maq Center, Gonvauto, Residencia Laia, among the most renowned.

Moreover he has been leading workshops for more than 1.000 entrepreneurs from Network Marketing like Mary Kay, Nu Skin, Wasanga and Organo Gold.

His style will shake you in order to show your best, to be able to be active and improve your results, to accomplish your purposes and that you find motivation to grow as a person and develop all your skills.


If you want to get in touch you can find us here:

Designers: Startup Weekend Barcelona is looking for you!

your design hereAt Startup Weekend Barcelona we are big fans of good design and that is why we want to have a unique T-shirt for each one of the events we organize. So if you think you’ve got what it takes enter our contest and design the SW Barcelona T-shirt for the event that we will be celebrating from the 12th to the 14th of June.

All the participants will be wearing your T-shirt and we will make sure to promote your design on all our online channels. Last but not least, you will receive two free tickets for you and a companion to participate in the event during the whole weekend.

How to participate
If you want to enter our contest you have to follow these simple steps:

1. Check out the graphic materials available here: https://www.brandisty.com/startupweekend

2. Create you design using the official colors and including our SW Barcelona logo

3. Post your design on the wall of our Facebook page:


4. Submit you design before the 29th of May

A jury formed by the Startup Weekend Barcelona organizers will select the best design and we will announce the winner on June 1st.

So don’t give it a second thought and send us your design!

Get ready for Startup Weekend Barcelona


We know you have been waiting for Startup Weekend Barcelona to come back and we have good news: you won’t have to wait for long! We are really excited to announce that SW Barcelona is coming back from the 12th to the 14th of June and thanks to Barcelona Activa we can count with a really cool and inspiring working space: the Media Tic building in 22@ neighborhood.

Startup Weekend is an international event where developers, designers, marketing specialists and entrepreneurs get together and share ideas, create teams, build projects and create a startup in only 54 hours. We know that creating a startup is not easy business but our event is a great place where you can test your idea, receive council from great professionals, meet exciting people from all over the world and talk to investors. Not to forget that you will also be able to practice your English since the event will be entirely developed in this language.

Finally we have to tell you that we are very lucky and proud to be organizing this event in Barcelona one of the hot spots for entrepreneurs all over the globe. Worldwide events such as Mobile World Congress have situated Barcelona on the entrepreneur’s map and at this point the city counts with more than 500 startups. Barcelona has created an attractive ecosystem for entrepreneurs all over the world. We are talking about an international city open to receive talent and hungry for new ideas. It’s the ideal place to start such an adventure, good climate, great gastronomy and high quality of life.

So save the date and join us!


If you want to get in touch you can find us here:

Web: http://www.up.co/communities/spain/barcelona/startup-weekend/5902

Twitter: sw_bcn

E-mail: barcelona@startupweekend.org

Startup Weekend Barcelona Gaming edition: work in progress…

After an intense day of presentations and idea pitches the teams have been created and now it’s time for them to work on their startup.

Even though there is still much to do we want to present you the projects the assistants are working on.

1. Fridge Quest

This is a really interesting project with a social focus that tries to prevent the waste of food by inciting people to consume the products in their fridge before expiring.

Meet the team:


@Lucaungredda; @netjoao; @Oveie; @HilaireBesse; @braggionmartina; @Startupaddictx

2. Game Lover

This is a really appropriate project for Valentine’s day. The idea is to create a website where gamers can play and meet and hopefully find love.

Meet the team:


@beagleKnight; @mariaencinar; @erikaparavisini; @CuFFyi; @rmsdesign; @romerojosep

3. Sentendo

Sentendo is a project that pretends to implement a new way of game creation by developing games that can be played from different devices. The idea is that from the game console you can access some parts of the game and from the mobile you can manage other aspects and everything helps the player get to the different stages of the game.

Meet the team:


@Sentendo; @AlejandroArrese

4.Ice Breaker

This is a platform that wants to connect people with similar interests. The platform is formed by mini chat rooms where a limited number of people can talk about a certain topic during a limited time. Once the time has expired the users can vote the participants they liked the most and if two people are interested in each others a private chat room opens so that they can get to know themselves better.

Meet the team:


@eborclasc; @oncelona;  @chelder86

5. The Third

The idea is to create a platform where online competitions for gamers can be organised. They will be able to play existing games or games that were created especially for the platform. The players will compete will people all around the world and will be able to win great prizes.

Meet the team:


@Derek_Lou; @rogermontserrat; @xaraxaritaxara; @joma_roig; @AguayoMarcos; @GMTarrago; @fcorbella

6. Playblets

Playblets is a platform for games that use the mobile as a controller allowing players to use any type of screen available: tablet, smart TV etc.

Meet the team:


@neatnait; @alvaropinot; @rubenutrillaun

7. Plantam

This is an app that pretends to bring Farmville to real life.

Meet the team:


@Raquelbarrios; @Peppelin; @zulking10

8. Wild West

A Facebook connected app that allows people to recreate a Wild West duel using the smartphone.  The fastest shooter wins.

Meet the team:


@gllmruiz; @rmestres1975; @jordiaixela

9. Voodoo Doll

This is a curious app that allows people to create a Voodoo doll of a friend or an “enemy” and create a short video where you can give the doll pain or pleasure. You can share this video on different social media platforms.

Meet the team:


@Riomoko; @merceDITAZ



Billingham Regalos Publicitarios, one more year supporting SW Barcelona

For several years now Billingham Regalos Publicitarios  is collaborating with Startup Weekend Barcelona by creating some really great T-shirts. This year’s design is special since gaming is the theme and it has been created by a designer that won our T-shirt design contest and will be participating in the event.

Billingham tells us that the T-shirts are of great quality and the serigraph print of our special design is looking awesome! We can’t wait to see the final result!

Also, during this February they give all our participants the opportunity to benefit from a 10% discount on all orders placed through their website where you can find thousands of gift ideas to advertise your company or brand. All you have to do is to introduce the code GAMING10 and the discount automatically applies.

We want to thank them for all their great support.

Born at the Startup Weekend Barcelona

The Startup Weekend is the beginning point for many startups that are born during this event and afterwards continue with their activity. Of course not all the ideas become a startup and not all the startups survive, but it makes us happy to see people that pursue their goals and try to succeed with their business.

In this post we are going to talk about four of these startups:

Kantox currency exchange company

Knatox is a currency exchange company that offers SME’s and mid-caps a solution usually only available to large companies. Instead of bids and offers, the mid-market rates are displayed on their platform to provide their clients full transparency and trades can be closed in just 1 click.

Let’s say you are a company located in Europe, importing goods from China and paying your Chinese provider in US Dollars. In the Kantox marketplace, you can easily find another company, located in Europe, exporting goods to the US who has US Dollars to sell in exchange of your Euros. Like 78% of the clients using Kantox, you will probably achieve savings of more than 80% compared to your bank or broker.

Letskickin crowdgifting platform

Letskickin is a crowdgifting platform that allows users to buy group gifts in an easy, comfortable way. If you are the organizer, by using this platform you will make sure that all the group members pay their share and you can forget about having to pursue everybody.

Getting started is really easy, you create your event for free, create a money box, invite your friends and start raising money.

It’s easy, fun and safe and you won’t have to worry about choosing the best gift idea and collecting all the money.

Tutotoons educational apps platform

Tutotoons main product is a cloud-based platform allowing teachers to create and distribute interactive content for their personal lessons. With no need of programming skills, teachers are able to create interactive educational apps (games, cartoons, story books, etc.) by simply dragging and dropping items (e. g. a human heart scheme or water molecule).

Moreover, all teacher-made content is multi-platform, which means kids can access it on iOS and Android devices as well as online.

Responsea online lawyer community

Responsea is an online lawyer community that offers trustworthy legal counsel for free, connecting people with legal doubts with lawyers that can help them.

The platform pursues two objectives:

  • On the one hand it’s an efficient marketing tool for legal professionals that want to increase their online visibility and reputation. This will also help them get in touch with prospects and increase their client attraction rate. A part from this, lawyers also receive online marketing training from the platforms experts.
  •  On the other hand with this service people with legal problems receive quality legal counsel for free from collegiate layers without having to lose time. They can find the best lawyers to represent their case and interact with them using the platform.

This platform doesn’t replace the provision of paid legal services offered by the lawyers it serves to put lawyers in touch with possible clients.

And since the next edition is the first time that we will organize a Startup Weekend Barcelona dedicated to gaming we also want to talk about NxtApp, a startup born at a gaming Startup Weekend in the UK.

NxtApp is the iPhone/iPad Brain Gym. It is an entertaining game that combines math with addictive fun. Solving number sequences is needed for most intelligence tests. NxtApp is a fun way to increase your IQ, strengthen your insight, focus your scanning skills, improve your pattern recognition capability, etc. Make playing NxtApp your daily habit to ultimately unleash the full power of your brain!

So don’t give it a second thought, if you have a business idea related to gaming join us!

Meet some of the SW Barcelona Gaming edition mentors

Startup Weekend Barcelona is coming back from the 13th to the 15th of February and some really great mentors will be joining us.

Barcelona is the European Gaming capital and we want to make the most of its enormous potential by organizing the first Startup Weekend dedicated to the Gaming vertical. The participants will be able to present their gaming related project not only focusing on creating a game or presenting a gamification proposal. The teams will have to think on how to develop a game and also a business plan for their project.

In order to help the participants make the most of their ideas they will be able to receive council from mentors with a great experience in their fields:

carlos blanco

Carlos Blanco @carlosblanco
Serial Entrepreneur & Business Angel. Founder of @AkamonEnt, @GrupoITnet, @ConectorSpain, @FirstTuesdayBCN


oscar garcía

Oscar García-Pañella    @kokopus_dark
Gamification & Serious Games Consultant, Professor & Researcher (ENTI, ERAM, IEBS, COOKIE BOX)


 Liam Patton

Liam Patton    @LiamWPatton
CEO at Apps to Win


Gina Tost

Gina Tost    @GinaTost
CoFounder at GeenApp, Profesor and Communicator


Francesc Xavier Fradera    @xavifradera
Producer at Social Point


David Xicota    @davidxicota
CEO at Gamedonia


Ignacio Lacasa    @Ignacio_Lacasa
Managing Parter & Founder Across Legal S.L.P.

But not all the weekend is about hard working. The participants will also be able to attend some really interesting talks coming from professionals such as:

Pedro Olivares    @pedroAolivares
Coach/ Speaker/ Actor/ Team building/ Leadership/ Founder at Salto con Red

Diseña la camiseta del próximo Startup Weekend BCN! – Design the tee for the next Startup Weekend BCN!

¿Te gusta el diseño? Si es que sí, ¡te estamos buscando!Para la próxima edición del SW Barcelona, por primera vez, vamos a centrarnos en el Gaming y queremos una camiseta chula para la ocasión. El diseño elegido no solo será el que lleven todos los participantes, además, se le dará visibilidad en nuestra comunidad internacional mediante nuestro blog y redes sociales. Por último, el ganador también recibirá dos entradas gratuitas para participar en el evento durante todo el fin de semana.¡Anímate y envíanos tu propuesta!

Lo único que te pedimos es que el nombre de Startup Weekend Barcelona esté presente y trabajar con los colores oficiales.

Aquí puedes bajar el material gráfico para crear tu diseño:

If you’re a designer or just like designing as a hobby we are looking for you!

The next edition of Startup Weekend Barcelona will be focused on Gaming and we want a cool t-shirt for our event. All the participants will be wearing your t-shirt and we will make sure to promote your design on all our online channels. Last but not least, you will receive two free tickets to participate in the event during the whole weekend.

Don’t miss the opportunity and send us your design!

We only ask you to include the name of Startup Weekend Barcelona in your design and use the official colors.

You can download the graphic materials you need here:

Términos y condiciones