Some tips on presenting your idea on Friday night

On Friday night, you will have an opportunity to present your idea to the public and possibly have them work with you on your project. You will have 1 minute to pitch your idea. Do not forget that you are trying to convince the public and attract the best in the business. Make sure to demonstrative your innovation in your presentation!


Some tips for a good pitch:

1 / Introduction (10 seconds maximum)

In the introduction, explain who you are and the subject of your idea in one sentence.

2 / The Problem (30 seconds maximum)

This is the most important part, you have to captivate your audience, try to tell a story to illustrate the problem.

3 / Vision (10 seconds maximum)

Here you explain how you want to solve the problem

4 / Resources (10 seconds maximum)

What do you need to launch your idea? What skills, what technologies? Do not forget that your pitching in front of a room full of experienced people from all backgrounds. All startups need a designer, a developer, a marketing manager, legal experts …..