SWBCT date change

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Why did we decide to postpone the Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech?

Our overall goal as organizers is to kickstart the Startup scene of Bremen. We ourselves are quite interested in sustainability furthermore there are a significant number of CleanTech firms and application fields present in the North-West. One thought lead to another and before we knew it we decided that we would try to help local CleanTech startups with the aid of a Startup Weekend.

We received quite a bit of feedback since we first announced the SWBCT, a few have CleanTech ideas and many have other ideas.

This lead us to the decision to open up the focus of the event and allow all kind of ideas but due to this change we need some time to re-adjust the line-up and a few other details.

Not all of our changes are online yet but that will happen over the course of the next few days!

Additionally we re-negotiated with our sponsors and are now able to offer our tickets quite a bit cheaper to you. Early Bird Tickets will be available until the 15.04 for 40€ (25€ for students) which is a pretty good bargain considering that you will receive full board, goodies fun, networking possibilities and the option to startup during the weekend.

Startup Weekends have been alive and well for a while now in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich amongst others now it’s time to also establish them in Bremen!

Get your tickets now!

Cheers Luis & the Organizing Team


Warum haben wir uns für entschieden das Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech zu verschieben?

Wir wollen einen Impuls für die Startup Szene in Bremen setzen! Wir vom Orga-Team interessieren uns für nachhaltige Konzepte; dazu sind CleanTech Anwendungsfelder in der Nordwest Region stark vertreten. So kam ein Gedanke zum anderen: „Hey, wäre es nicht cool, wenn wir mit einem Startup Weekend helfen, CleanTech Startups in der Region auf die Spur zu bringen – sie finden hier ein gutes Umfeld, um sich weiterzuentwickeln.“
Inzwischen haben wir viel Feedback bekommen – manche haben CleanTech Ideen, viele haben andere Ideen. Und die sind gut. Daher öffnen wir für alle Ideen – und verschieben auf 20.-22.05, weil wir ein bisschen Zeit brauchen um neu zu justieren und ein cooles Line-up aufzustellen, das der Vielfalt an unterschiedlichen Startup-Ideen gerecht wird. Noch ist nicht alles, was in der Pipeline ist, online – in ein paar Tagen haben wir nachgezogen. Soviel vorweg: wir werden von den Startup-Szenen anderer Städte richtig guten Input bekommen.
Auch mit Sponsoren haben wir neu verhandelt – und können die Tickets nun günstiger anbieten. Early Bird Tickets sind bis 15.04 für 40€ erhältlich (Studenten: 25€). Ihr bekommt während des Startup Weekends Vollverpflegung, Goodies, Spaß, Networking Möglichkeiten und die Chance auf ein eigenes Startup.
Startup Weekends bereichern schon lange Berlin, Hamburg und München. Paderborn, Lüneburg, Münster, Bremerhaven – auch hier gab und gibt es Startup Weekends. Wir wollen es in Bremen etablieren.

Get your tickets now!

Cheers Luis & the Organizing Team

Business Model Canvas Pre-Event

One week after our first SWBCT Pre-Event you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a second event. This one will focus on, an invaluable tool for Startups, the Business Model Canvas.


This canvas will help you in establishing a business model and define your key activities and revenue sources. Even without a business or finance background this model will be easy for you to apply to your startup. To learn a bit more about the model you can watch this video.

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Furthermore we will give you a short introduction to the Startup Weekend Bremen CleanTech and get your mind kickstarted for the event.

The event will be hosted by two of the organizers of the Startup Weekend, Jonas Fromme and me (Luis Humpert) and allow you to meet other Startup Weekend participants while practicing the use of the Business Model Canvas. To sign up up for the evnt send an E-Mail with the subject “Business Model Canvas” to bremen@startupweekend.org . Places are limited therefore you should sign up fast.

See you there soon,


Design Thinking what is it all about and how can I use it?


Since we will host a Pre-Event on this topic I feel like it’s about time to shortly tell you what this is all about! Creative Thinking or Human-centered Design is applied in order to develop sollutions which are tailored to the needs of the users. This doesn’t have to be a pre defined process or method but rather an approach to solving problem which is based on three key basic principles. Those principles are Inspiration, Ideation & Implementation another key factor of Human-centred Design is some a feedback mechanism to ensure that the developed solutions are really what the users are waiting for and willing to use. If this sounds interesting to you I suggest you check out this short video & sign up for our Pre-Event on the 5. of April in Bremen.

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Who can participate?

Everybody can come to the event you simply have to send an E-Mail with the subject “Design Thinking” to bremen@startupweekend.org there will only be 12 places available, the earlier you sign up the better.

What will happen at this Pre-Event?

Our host Miguel Civera will provide you and the 11 other participants with a short introduction of the topic allowing you to familiarize yourself with it and hopefully apply your knowledge at the SWBCT. You also get the opportunity to get to know other participants of the Startup Weekend before the event takes place. The Pre-Event will take place at 18:00 on the 5. of April in the Brennerei next generation lab in Bremen. After the event we will move to the Karton where you can enjoy some cold drinks. Don#t forget to check out the fb event to see who else participates.

Hope to see you there soon,


CleanTech a term often used but rarely defined…

You probably have heard the name CleanTech a couple times before, but do you really know what it means? Unfortunately there is no single definition for CleanTech but rather a variety of slightly different ones. The good thing is they are all relatively similar and most key statements are the same. At the core of the CleanTech concept is the idea to conserve resources while increasing productivity and profitabillity at the same time. To achieve this goal new technologies, products and services are to be used. This concept is of increasing relevance in a world where an economy, which relies on endless growth clashes with the reality of finite natural resources. Fortunately the awareness of this fact is slowly increasing resulting in more and more companies try to embed this concept into their business model.

One of many forms of CleanTech

CleanTech is not industry specific allowing pretty much every company to incorporate at least some of the ideas into their operations. Some examples where it is already used include recycling, mobility, renewable energy sources as well as agriculture and waste management among others.

Besides the aforementioned factors CleanTech is sometimes also used to describe ethical investments which is a form of social sustainability.

To enable a stronger push towards CleanTech a change of government policies would be desirable creating more incentives for companies to change their business models gradually towards a more sustainable one.

If you want to read what it takes to advance a sustainable economy klick here.

I hope you enjoyed this first post!

Cheers Luis

Welcome to the #SWBCT Blog! Here you’ll get more info about our event

Hi there and welcome to our Blog!

If you are thinking about participating in this years Startup Weekend CleanTech in Bremen or about organizing your own Startup Weekend you came to the right place. Over the course of the next weeks we will post all kinds of interesting stuff here including an introduction of the organizers and an explanation of the concept of CleanTech and Startup Weekends.


In the past Bremen has not been on the map of German cities known for startups but this is about to change now.

Make sure to check back regularly for updates and keep you eyes open for the #SWBCT on Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers and see you soon!

Insights from Startup Nation Israel at IAC2015

Several StartupWeekend Space: Bremen, Gdansk and Shanghai team members attended the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) 2015 in Jerusalem, Israel. It was a perfect opportunity to meet space entrepreneurs to gain some insights from this startup nation.

One of the world’s largest space conferences, the IAC brings together the leaders of the space sector among industry, academia and agencies for a busy week of meetings and presentations. This year, over 1800 participants from over 60 countries took part in the congress, with about 40 heads of space agencies and astronauts. It is a key opportunity to network among the key players in the sector. The Israel Space Agency hosted the event.

Venue of the IAC2015, Jerusalem
Venue of the IAC2015, Jerusalem

Over the course of the week, the congress had a large and varied programme, covering topics as diverse as human spaceflight, space debris, earth observation, space propulsion, business innovation and space education. Sebastian D. Marcu and Magni Johannsson, co-leads for StartupWeekend Space: Bremen advocated the space startup scene in Europe at the congress together with the Bremen Invest (WFB), as a follow on from our successful StartupWeekend Space events in Bremen, Shanghai and Gdansk.

On the Monday afternoon, Sebastian formed part of a panel for the city of Bremen in a special “Startup & Space” event, bringing together selected players from Israel, to provide various perspectives on its thriving Israeli startup landscape. Sebastian commented:

“Having read the book ‘Startup Nation’, I was inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship in Israel and wanted to take this opportunity to connect to local experts to see what could come out of this collaboration.”

Members of the panel included: Haim Kopans – JVP Media Labs; Ofer Lapid – Space-Nest; Eugene Jorov – Angel Sensor; Shoshi Rushnevsky – Chiprix; and Kartik Kumar – Satsearch (Second place winner at StartupWeekend Space: Bremen).

Startup & Space Panel
Startup & Space Panel

Tuesday morning saw a paper presentation by Magni Johannsson on StartupWeekend Space describing the event to an international audience. The paper delves into how the team conceptualised and realised the event in addition to key statistics and outcomes following the event.

In addition, Sebastian and Magni toured the Siftech accelerator where startup company Chiprix is located, to gain further insights from the Startup Nation on what Bremen can do to make it into an entrepreneurial city.

Bremen has a major aerospace sector with companies such as OHB, Airbus Defence and Space and HE Space, together with the German Space Agency (DLR) and the Centre for Applied Space Research and Microgravity (ZARM) at the University of Bremen.

The city will also host the Space Tech Expo Europe (17-19 November) where, among a comprehensive programme, will help bring together the realisation of a space startup city.

At the end of the IAC it was announced the city was successful in its bid to host the IAC in 2018. Its plan to become a hub for space technology and innovation formed an important part of this bid.

Hans Georg Tschupke from Bremen Invest said:

“As we approach the IAC2018 there is likely to be an upsurge in interest in space startups in the city of Bremen. It is therefore important we collaborate with other space startup nations and regions across the world to learn what infrastructures we need to harness this momentum.


StartupWeekend Space Workshop & Fireside Chat

StartupWeekend Space will be held a Workshop and Fireside Chat panel on Friday, 18th September. It was an opportunity for participants and invited guests to share specific challenges and they faced in their projects since StartupWeekend Space: Bremen in April where teams generated several space startup concepts.

Out of 11 original teams, 5 are still going strong. The teams will met at ZARM – the Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity at the University of Bremen. Under the framework of StartupWeekend Space, together with the City of Bremen, the day built on their experiences. In particular, it was a chance to assess the day-to-day setting up and running of a business together with a full-time job.

The morning focused on status updates of the teams’ projects, talking about the main concerns or difficulties they have encountered, receiving feedback from the experts and mentors in the audience. A representative from each of the teams participated in the panel where co-lead for SWSpace: Bremen, Magni Johannsson, moderated.

A fireside chat took place in the afternoon – an informal chance for the audience to ask some experts about entrepreneurship topics. These included encouraging work on pre-seed startup ideas and how to get projects off the ground, strategies to help focus efforts within limited resources and seeking service providers for startups. Sebastian D. Marcu, who co-founded Design & Data GmbH and was a co-lead for SWSpace: Bremen, moderated.

SWSpace Fireside Chat
SWSpace Fireside Chat
SWSpace Workshop
SWSpace Workshop

Missed SWSpace: Bremen? Don’t worry! A complete recording of the SWSpace: Bremen’s highlights as a Livestream can be viewed here. Also, the second Startup Weekend Space in Europe takes place on 2nd-4th October 2015 in Gdansk, Poland. Check out the event blog and social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram together with #SWSpaceGDN for the latest news and announcements.

Connect with StartupWeekend Space at http://startupweekendspace.co/ and on social media with hashtags #BeSpacial and #SWSpace.

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen was supported by the City of BremenAirbus Defence and SpaceHE-SpaceDesign & DataSpace Angels NetworkESAStartupbootcamp Smart Transportation & EnergyHill MediaCenter of Applied Technology and Microgravity (ZARM)and by Up Global, a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Seattle, which connects a global community of enterprises across all topics and is considered as pivot of the space industry.

Startup Weekend Space: Gdansk

Hosted by Gdansk Park Naukowo – Techhnologiczny, the event will challenge interdisciplinary teams from different nations to create space startups in 60 hours in Gdansk.

Startup Weekend Space

Startup Weekend is a global grassroot movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest global community of passionate entrepreneurs. As of November 2014, over 1,900 events have been held, involving over 150,000 entrepreneurs across more than 500 cities in over 127 countries and over 10,000 startups have been created. (See Startup Weekend trailer)

The second Startup Weekend Space in Europe takes place at the start of World Space Week (4-10 October) an internationally declared celebration of all things space supported by the United Nations. Participants will form teams, formulate space ideas, work intensively on them and finally pitch them to a panel of judges and investors. Teams will be supported by leaders in the global space community: entrepreneurs, academics, policy experts and business leaders. They will mentor and guide teams through these intense three days, making sure these ideas will translate into actual businesses.

For more information about the event visit: http://startupweekendspace.co/ . You can also follow the event on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, together with the hashtags #BeSpacial #SWSpaceGDN

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen announces the winners

StartupWeekend Space

Bremen, 15 April 2015

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen, an event that was designed to create lean startup concepts through interdisciplinary cooperation, officially announced three winning teams on Sunday.

The first-of-its-kind event in Europe took place at the “Bremer Innovations- und Technologiezentrum BITZ” between the 10th and 12th of April. The first, second and third ranked teams were awarded with prizes that shall help them advancing their presented business concepts.

First place was won by the team USB-I, which has designed a universal adapter to connect a vast number of payloads with every type of satellite bus systems. This shall enable significant cost savings in the production of satellites and space systems. From the judges’ point of view, the team presented a strong product and a scalable business model.

USB-i has won coaching from Claudia Kessler, CEO of HE-Space. Over the course of 12 months, she will support the team in business proposal writing and business formation. Following these 12 months, Chad Anderson, Managing Director of Space Angels Network, will take over. He will prepare the group to present their business plan to promising investors.

The second place prize was won by the team satsearch. The team developed a search engine for space electronic components to support space engineers with the search for suitable components during the hardware development. As the second-placed team, they have won a one-day presenting and on-camera training course with Hill Media in Bremen. Additionally, the team will have the opportunity to pitch their idea in Berlin at “Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Accelerator Speed Summit” and to join the accelerator program for a week.

Third place went to the team Art For Space. Art For Space shall promote awareness of the environment and space while supporting local artists through a new cultural partnership. Artworks shall be flown in space, and be sold at art auctions after their return. The European Space Agency (ESA), together with the International Astronautical Federation, has donated the prize to be received by the third place team. Two members of the team will participate at the Global Space Innovation Conference (GLIC 2015) in Munich. There, they will be able to connect with other participants and employees of the ESA Business Incubation Center (BIC).

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen was a complete success, for the participants as well as for the organizers and sponsors. The demand for tickets was very high, with all 80 tickets selling out well in advance. The registered participants came from 13 countries in Europe and represented 18 nationalities, among them Germany, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Russia and the United States. For many participants, this cultural diversity contributed to the success of the event and in the development of innovative and groundbreaking business ideas. 27 business ideas were pitched in total, from which 11 business concepts were generated and presented to the judging panel. All of the teams enjoyed the creative atmosphere in BITZ and some even worked through the night to refine business models, produce websites and print 3D prototypes within those three days.

Among the notable guests who participated personally or via video connection were Bremen’s State Council of the Senator for Economic Affairs, Employment and Ports, Dr. Heiner Heseler; the head of the Technology Transfer Programme from ESA, Frank Maximilian Salzgeber; the founder and CEO of Mansat, Christopher Stott, the co-founder and technical lead of Planet Labs, Chris Boshuizen; and the founder and CEO of Zero2Infinity José Mariano López-Urdiales.

Click here for more information about the event. You can also gain an overview of the social media impressions of the event with the hashtags #BeSpacial and #SWSpace. Additionally, there is a complete recording of the event’s highlights as a livestream.

StartupWeekend Space: Bremen was supported by the City of Bremen, Airbus Defence and Space, HE-Space, Design & Data, Space Angels Network, ESA, Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy, Hill Media, Center of Applied Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) and by Up Global, a nonprofit organization with headquarters in Seattle, which connects a global community of enterprises across all topics and is considered as pivot of the space industry.

Direct quotes:

Ran Qedar from team USB-i (Winner of the first prize) rejoices over the prize and describes the StartupWeekend Space as a fantastic experience:

“StartupWeekend Space in Bremen presented me and my team a great opportunity to combine two of our passions: Space and Innovation. We had an exciting time learning from industry experts and connecting to other space enthusiast.  I would personally recommend anyone who has a space dream to join the next event and make it a reality. We thank the organizing team for their work and the judges for selecting us to be the most promising startup of this event. We look forward to be coached on developing a business model by Ms. Kessler of HE Space and to be given a chance to present to investors with Chad Anderson of the Space Angels Network.”

Dr. Kai Krieger from team Art For Space (Winner of the third prize) is delighted that he, as a participant without a background in space, was able to thrill participants and jury with his idea:

“I would have never thought that I, as an artist, could move something at the StartupWeekend Space, not to mention winning a prize. I pitched my idea on Friday and was completely surprised to be chosen. Following that, together with my team, we gave our best to develop a viable business concept from the original idea. It is unbelievable how much you can achieve during a single weekend. It was a fantastic experience which I can warmly recommend to anyone. We will continue working on Art for Space.”

Manfred Jaumann from Airbus  Defence and Space (Judge and sponsor of the event) was positively surprised by the quality of the presented business models:

“All presented business models without exception had a high quality. If you consider that the participants just had two days to organize themselves as a team, this is a remarkable performance. We as jury did not have an easy task selecting the three best business concepts.

Overall it was an awesome event and a great initiative. My compliments to the organizers. I hope there will be a sequel.“

Sebastian Marcu
Co-Lead: Bremen
Tel: +49 176 1756 6909
Mail: sebastian.marcu@startupweekendspace.co

Hans-Georg Tschupke
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Tel: +49 421 96 00 10
Mail: h.g.tschupke@wfb-bremen.de

Speaker Spotlight: Amnon Ginati

On behalf of the StartupWeekend Space Team, I would like to introduce you to one of our speakers, Amnon Ginati.



Amnon Ginati is currently the Head of Telecommunication and Integrated Applications Directorate at the European Space Agency. The directorate is responsible for co-ordinating, shaping and supporting innovation in satellite telecommunications and for the promotion of applications that involve the combined use of space-based systems.

Prof. Ginati joined the European Space Agency (ESA, ESTEC) in 2000 as Head of the Earth Observation Future Programmes Department. He was in charge of the EO future programmes, Earth science Explorer missions, Earth applications missions’ preparation and Earth Observation instruments pre-development for future missions. Thereafter, he was special adviser to ESA Director General, Head of the Inter Directorate Taskforce responsible for the initiation and development of the Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) programme.

ESA’s Telecommunications and Integrated Applications Directorate (TIA) is responsible for co-ordinating, shaping and supporting innovation in satellite telecommunications and for the promotion of applications that involve the combined use of space-based systems.

We are glad to have him as a speaker here at #SWSpace!

StartupWeekend Space is supported by the City of Bremen, the European Space Agency, Airbus Defence and Space, HE-Space, Design & Data, Space Angels Network, Startupbootcamp – Smart Transportation & Energy, Die Sparkasse Bremen, ZARM, Hill Media, as well as Up Global, a non-profit organization connecting a global community of entrepreneurs across all topics. The organization is headquartered in Seattle, US and is considered a hub for entrepreneurial space.