Startup Weekend East Bay 2017 – Teams and Demo Day Pitches

  • The Sileo Foundation
    • Description: The Sileo Foundation provides places of services where homeless youth reach advantageous places with outstanding leaders through professional programs in a 90 day-process.
    • Team Members: Hector Topete, Jericho Apo, Ken Belangel, Roberto Nieto, Jessica Watson, Nilufar Chaus, and Jessica Inson

  • Foobids
    • Description: Focusing on changing consumers approach in searching food and creating a better relationship with consumers and restaurants.
    • Team Members: Abraham Kinfu, Jeromie Ingalise, Naveen Bhoomakkanavar, Bhushan Parulekar, Evan Brandt, Tarun Singh, Shruthi Shivaswamy

  • Plai
    • Description: An AI-powered game development engine for easily adding limitless unique content.
    • Team Members: Miguel Bomchil, Eli Cohen, Karan Monga, Kanoa Redic, Max Schoeffer, Bhavdeep Singh, Sandra Torres

  • GoRent
    • Description: Platform for landlords, renters and property managers to centralize, simplify and revolutionize the renting process.
    • Team Members: Amr Ramdani, Nimisha Pandey, Giselle Villalobos, Ricardo Marquez, Sagarika Annapragada, Meryl Bonge, Crystal Foggy, and Dennis Cobos


  • Ad Insights Pro
    • Description: Ad Insights Pro is one advertisement platform to rule them all.
    • Team Members: Westin Means, Hemal Adani, Jacob Teague, Jeremias Patajo, Leo Li

  • Cliqued
    • Description: The simplest way to unify and connect. Eliminate the friction of network building.
    • Team Members: Bryan Cortez, Glenn Norris Jr., Linda Beverly, Patricia Rodriguez, Joseph Andrews, Jamie Beverly, Chaitanya Nijhara

  • Class Zoo
    • Description: A Platform that Connects Parents, Teachers and Students to Reinforce Positive Behaviours.
    • Team Members: Felicia Chanco, Pablo Garnica, Louie Ramos, Erin McGarry, Stephen Wong, Andy Li, Kelsey Banes, Rigley Dutra

  • Next Time
    • Description: An app to help remember places and people when it’s relevant and timely.
    • Team Members: Jose Miguel, Maciej Hepner, Kate Yoak, Kelly McConnell, Jen Larson, Emmaleigh Brown, Sasi Goteti, Vera Wen, Francis Nguyen

  • Jeet
    • Description: Helping groups of people find the perfect place to eat.
    • Team Members: Ersin Kozak, Matthew Gounod, Angelina Rivera, Vic Tutla, Gerardo Sandoval, John Wong, Jade Woo, Abhishek Rajbhandazi, Yashank Varshney, Ruby Tran Hong Ngoc, Katrina  

  • Financial Buddy
    • Description: An app that will help support the financial health of military veterans.
    • Team Members: Nicodemus Moore, Jesus Sanchez, Zuhayr Mallam, Bobo Nie, Lony Phitsmay

    • Description: API making websites, ADA compliant and accessible to the visually impaired.
    • Team Members: Aaron Belief, Tionna Henley


Startup Weekend East Bay 2017

Startup Weekend EB Friday, May 19 – 21, 2017 is an intense 54-hour event where local entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, product managers, startup enthusiasts and anyone interested in building a business will come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch a startup. For more information, follow along on Twitter!
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SWVC 2017 Product Sponsorship by Zebra Technologies

Startup Weekend Ventura County (SWVC) announced that Zebra Technologies, a global leader in providing solutions and services that gives enterprises real-time visibility into their operations, will be SWVC 2017’s product sponsor. SWVC 2017, organized by the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and Dignity Health St. Johns Hospitals, will be held at Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo, California on April 21-23, 2017.

SWVC 2017 will bring together entrepreneurs from healthcare and agriculture end-user sponsors (Dignity Health St. Johns Hospitals, Ventura County Medical Center, Limoneira, Bonipak and Reiter Affiliated Companies) and team them up with subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, agriculturalists, physicians, farmers and engineering/business students from universities like UCSB, Cal Poly, CSUN, CSUCI and Cal Lutheran. Teams with the most promising ideas addressing the challenges faced by the healthcare and agricultural industries will develop proof of concepts over the weekend and present their work to a judging panel made up of senior executives including Zebra Senior Vice President, Hugh Gagnier. Winning ideas and concepts will then have the opportunity to be funded.

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SWVC 2017 Technology Sponsorship by Semtech

Semtech Corporation (Nasdaq:SMTC), a leading supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors, today announced it is the technology sponsor of Startup Weekend Ventura County 2017 at Rancho Campana High School, April 21-23, in Camarillo, Calif.  The event is focused on providing solutions to healthcare and agricultural challenges specific to the region, as well as stimulating the area’s startup community.

Semtech, headquartered in Camarillo, will provide participants complete developer kits, featuring its LoRa® Devices and Wireless RF Technology for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and LinkCharge™ wireless charging systems, as well as onsite engineering assistance during the 54-hour event. In addition, Semtech will award a $15,000 cash prize, mentorship and resources, to a winning company from each category (agriculture and healthcare).

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SWVC 2017 Cash Awards

Startup Weekend Ventura County (SWVC) announces today that SWVC 2017 will offer two cash awards as seed money, $10,000 to the most likely to succeed startup in healthcare and $10,000 to the most likely to succeed startup in agriculture. The winners will be selected by a panel of judges made up primarily of CEOs of local corporations. The awards will carry no interest or repayment obligations. The winner must incorporate to receive the money.

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Tackle Challenges provided by End Users

Startup Weekend Ventura County (SWVC) announces today that a list of healthcare challenges and a list of agriculture challenges are now available on Camarillo Chamber’s web site ( These challenges are provided to SWVC by the rank and file of Dignity Health St. Johns Hospitals, Ventura County Medical Center, Limoneira, Boniak and Reiter Affiliated Companies. SWVC 2017 will bring intrapreneurs from end user sponsors and team them with entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, agriculturalists, physicians, farmers and engineering/business students from nearby universities to address these and other challenges. Teams with innovative solutions will develop proof of concepts over the weekend and present the results of their work to a judge panel. The CEOs of SWVC’s end user sponsors and other technology CEOs will be on this judge panel. The best in class winner will receive an in-kind award book worth over $3,000. The most likely to succeed winner will receive cash prizes of up to $25,000. For details, visit SWVC 2017, organized by Camarillo Chamber of Commerce and Dignity Health St. Johns Hospitals will be held at Rancho Campana High School in Camarillo, California on April 21-23.

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Description of a Founder

In an article by Larry Kim, Founder & CTO of Worldstream called “how to build a great tech company that VCs will love“, he quoted Sarah Hodges of Pillar Venture Capital on what she looks for in founders. Three take-away are:
“To be successful, they have to have a clear understanding of what they’re aiming for, and why it matters. It starts with being purposeful about the culture you’re building from day zero, and continues with being intentional about communicating how your business and its needs are changing.”
“Some of the best founders I know are the ones who have a profound understanding of a market and deep empathy for a specific customer pain point.”
“Building a successful company requires getting the right people on board – recruiting employees to join your team, convincing advisors to lend their support, selling to customers. People want to rally behind leaders with an inspiring vision. Successful founders have the ability to sell their mission, developing relationships with people who elevate their game. They’re people who blow through walls in the face of adversity, and actively seeking out advice to broaden their perspectives.”

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An incredible opportunity awaits you at Startup Weekend SCV!

This is your last chance to apply for Startup Weekend SCV!

What if you had an opportunity, next weekend, to apply what you’ve learned on the job or in school this year and create something the world is missing? To gain incredible experience to help you think more like an entrepreneur and provide more value to your company or your community?


Less than a week from now, the third Startup Weekend SCV will be in full swing. (Nov 4 – 6)

Here are some of the highlights from last year:

  • 42 like minded individuals entered on Friday night
  • 26 ideas were pitched with high energy and enthusiasm
  • 7 startups were formed and worked all three days to validate, develop, and bring their ideas to life
  • 13 brilliant coaches guided teams throughout the weekend
  • 5 judges, comprised of investors and business experts, observed the Sunday night demos and gave positive feedback
  • 3 of the top placing teams successfully entered into the Global Startup Battle
  • 2 workshops provided resources and insight for budding entrepreneurs
  • 1 keynote speaker shared his $8 million dollar success story

That all happened in 1 weekend…

This year’s organizing team is bigger, badder, and extremely excited to bring you an even grander event. What can you expect this year?

  • Meet your future co-founder(s)
  • Take an opportunity to pitch the next big thing
  • Work with talented people already in your community
  • Receive guidance from business experts, some who have even sold their companies for millions
  • Pitch to a group of judges who are real-life investors and influencers
  • Attend complimentary startup workshops that typically cost hundreds
  • Work as a team to win free coworking space, an investor meeting, and your first investment

November will be the month you say goodbye to the wantrepreneur within and make the transition to an entrepreneur at Startup Weekend SCV! Startup Weekend is about seizing an opportunity that has already enriched and changed countless lives for the better. Go for it! Hurry and get your ticket now because tickets are capped at 100! See you on November 4th!

P.S. You will feast like kings this weekend as we will make sure to keep your bellies full and your bodies energized by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the snacks, soda, and coffee you can consume!

Will you launch SCV’s next startup company?

The next Startup Weekend SCV is only days away and entrepreneurs, developers, graphic designers, and creatives from all over the Santa Clarita Valley will gather for the weekend of November 4th-6th at the College of the Canyons University Center. Attendees will take part in pitching, building, and demoing their ideas in front of judges and an audience for a chance to take the first place prize and the opportunity to get started on what could be a new life journey.

This is the third year Startup Weekend SCV will be taking place in Santa Clarita and last year a new startup was born with the help of several attendees. Whiz Tutor’s founder, Justin Clark, owes a lot to Startup Weekend SCV and is helping organize the event this year as a way to give back to the local tech community. His participation in last year’s event lead him to connect with developers and like-minded business people to create his now-existing startup Whiz Tutor, an on-demand tutoring app that allows parents and students to book tutoring sessions and meet in person.


Justin and his co-founder, Giovanni Botten, had put some notable effort into their concept prior to arriving Friday night, but the Startup Weekend model only allows pitches for ideas that have not been worked on previously. While they were unable to pitch that idea, Justin and Giovanni didn’t let this small hindrance stop them from making the most out of Startup Weekend SCV.

They ended up joining another team that was working on a website to connect students with internship opportunities. For the rest of the weekend they worked together to build a prototype of the website and went out into the field to conduct market research on their potential customers. Their team ended up winning first place, and Justin said the best part of it all was that, “It taught us a lot about what it takes to build and validate ideas and a lot of what we learned in that weekend we have carried forward into what we do at Whiz Tutor today.”


One of the greatest takeaways from participating at Startup Weekend SCV was that they found their other future founding members of Whiz Tutor: Ryan Rodriguez, now leads marketing, John Salzarulo, their back end web developer, and Dale Fairclough, their IOS developer. The weekend was an amazing place to network and see everyone’s skills in action; working shoulder to shoulder to build something amazing.

If you have a business idea or are looking to join a startup, attend Startup Weekend SCV the weekend of November 4th-6th, you’ll be surprised what you can create in 54 hours. This only happens once a year — so don’t miss this life-changing opportunity.

Get your tickets at

— written by the Startup Weekend SCV 2016 Organizing Team

Why Designers Should Attend Startup Weekend


Designers attend Startup Weekend

There are a lot of different skill sets represented at a Startup Weekend, from business and marketing, to technical development, to beautiful design. No matter where your skills lie, they can be put to good use. We invite everybody, regardless of what your skills are, to attend Startup Weekend on November 11, 2016, but in this post let’s look at a few reasons why designers should attend.

You’ve Got an Idea

This the most obvious reason why people attend Startup Weekend. A lot of people who register have an idea that they want to pitch and build out into a startup, or as much as they can over the course of a weekend. This is the perfect time to share your idea with others and see if they want to help you build it. You might be surprised what others with different skills than your own can add to your idea.

Don’t have an idea to pitch? Come anyway!

If you’re a designer that doesn’t have an idea to pitch, you can still make valuable contributions to the ideas of others. Can you listen to people and visualize what they’re saying? Has anybody ever told you “That’s exactly what I was picturing!” after you showed them a design? Good, because no business presentation or app design will be ready for the judges without a professional, polished, design. You might create the logo or user interface of the next big thing!

Note: Time is extremely limited (only 54 hours from idea to presentation) so you won’t have to do tons of revisions to your designs 😉

Learn other aspects of launching a startup

There’s more to business than designing a website, user interface, app or logo. There’s product/market fit, customer validation, product development, business plan development, and more. Startup Weekend will give you experience for the other aspects of developing a product and business. You’ll meet growth marketers who know how to make money from ideas. You’ll meet developers who know how to build apps and websites. You’ll meet business pros who know how to write a business plan. Working on a project with others will help make you a well-rounded business professional, in addition to a talented designer.

It’s a great opportunity to showcase your talent and network

There’s nothing quite like the vibe inside a fast-moving startup, and it’s hard to find in the real world. The people who attend Startup Weekend are driven, ambitious, clever people with a passion for entrepreneurship. You’re going to meet some truly amazing people. Additionally, the judges and coaches are some established, respected veterans of the Sacramento startup scene—you never know who you’ll impress!

Get involved in and give back to the Sacramento startup community

A lot of people come to Startup Weekend with altruistic motives. Giving your talents and skills to the community is a gratifying experience you won’t soon forget. Sacramento has a great, vibrant startup community that is a very open and collaborative compared to Silicon Valley and other startup hubs. Startup Weekend is a great opportunity to meet others in the Sacramento startup community and get involved with the revitalization of our region.

Work hard, move fast, break things

Startup Weekend is all action. In order to succeed, you might have to step outside your comfort zone, learn new skills, and take a swing at something you’ve never done before. You might just discover a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed, or that you’ve never had the chance to express before.

We’re not going to lie to you; it’s hard work. This is anything but a relaxing weekend, but that’s part of the appeal! You will be amazed at the amount you can get done in a very short time.

So what do you think—can we count you in? Sign up here.