AquaXI Takes First Place

Another amazing Startup Weekend has wrapped up.  We successfully completed the world’s first Startup Weekend focused on the Blue Economy, we called it Startup Weekend Blue.

Team AquaXI

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was the perfect location and the most gracious host of the event.

Throughout the course of the weekend we had 30 – 50 people at the event from participants, coaches, sponsors, investors and the general public.   We also had some of the wildest weather I can remember on Cape Cod, from dense fog and 50 degrees on Friday night to driving rain and 40s on Saturday to 20s on Sunday and a couple inches of snow…. insane.

SW Blue

Read all about it here on the Cape Cod Times.

Post Event Report

We had over 50 people on Wednesday night, after a brief overview of the vision for the region we got right down to brainstorming.  We had put up the four pillars of the Blue Economy, Climate Change, Water/Wastewater, Fisheries and Energy however the group really focused in on fisheries.

In case you can’t read the text in the photo here’s a list of the ideas and topics discussed:IMG_4678 (1)

  • Buy fresh buy local
  • Community Supported Fishing (CSF) with a special focus on membership interacting with retail
  • Municipal shellfish support
  • Import/Export balancing: the idea that the Vineyard should have a balance of what gets exported and imported specifically with regard to fish/shellfish.
  • Marketing: better marketing of the Island and its assets
  • Little Guards: an ecologically focused summer program for kids
  • Nitrogen Mitigation: cost effective treatment options
  • Easement vs. conservation for shellfishing areas with a view
  • Cultural sustainability: preserving the Island’s culture with a focus on sustainability
  • Shellfish / Nitrogen Mitigation
  • Working Harbors: especially places like Vineyard Haven
  • Field Station: used for research, eco tourism, etc.
  • Shellfish compost

There was a great article published on the event:


Cape’s blue economy lands some green

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We’re getting excited for the upcoming session, check out the recent press on the event.

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In case you missed it, here’s an important milestone for the regional economy.

Startup Weekend Blue to get a rolling start in 2016

The Cape Cod Times wrote a follow-on piece to outline the work we’re doing to keep the momentum going for Startup Weekend Blue.

Building a blue economy

Interesting article in EcoBusiness about building blue economies in Asia, we can do that right here!

Blue Economy Featured on The Point with Mindy Todd

On The Point, we talk about the Blue Economy: a long range plan to promote and sustain a marine-centered live-work-play economy. The Cape and Islands economies have gone through a number of transitions over past few hundred years, from agriculture and whaling to fishing and now tourism. But for decades, community and business leaders been searching for a way to expand and diversify the economy beyond our seasonal tourism base; now they have their sights set on  the Blue Economy. Joining Mindy Todd to discuss this vision of the Blue Economy is Peter Karlson, Entrepreneur in Residence at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, and on the phone from her office, Wendy Northcross, CEO of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.  Here’s a link for information on StartUp Weekend Blue

Climate Change and the Cape

As you know climate change was one of the key areas to focus on during out ideation session.  Cape and Islands Public Radio did a series on the subject recently


Cape Cod Time Article: The Future is Blue

In case you missed it, the Cape Cod Times wrote a great article on the Blue Economy and the Startup Weekend event: