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JoyfulHelper at RISE@CoCoon

At JoyfulHelper, we believe in equality and professional treatment for migrant domestic workers.  Our mission is to help migrant women lead a happier more meaningful life.  We do this by matching them with employers who will treat them with respect, creating a happy work environment.  We also help them develop new skills and knowledge to empower them to contribute meaningfully when they return to their home country.


We offer our services online, so that we can reach as many people as possible and meet the unique time and internet access challenges faced by domestic workers.


How JoyfulHelper started

Mark and Martin, the cofounders of JoyfulHelper both share a passion for helping society and using technology to improve the lives of others.  JoyfulHelper was born at StartupWeekendHK, when Mark and Martin met and realized they shared the same vision for helping migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and across Asia.


After StartupWeekendHK they decided to make JoyfulHelper their priority and immerse themselves in the market identifying what are the pain points they could address using technology.


Why did we join RISE@CoCoon?

Joining RISE@CoCoon was a natural progression from StartupWeekendHK, as the focus was on the steps a startup needs to go through at its early stages.  We knew that the program included great mentors and speakers who themselves had successful startups.


With limited capital, we wanted to make sure that we put our attention on the activities that would lead to the greatest growth and impact.


What was the most valuable lesson?

The program provided us with a wealth of resources to prepare for each class with excellent reading, videos, and exercises. We were also introduced to frameworks for managing information and decision making in the formative stages of a startup, with the goal of getting us toward product-market fit.


One of the first frameworks introduced to us was the SPA treatment for segmenting markets, helping us determine their size potential and accessibility. A useful and quick sanity check for any startup!


Who would benefit from attending the next sessions and why?

Entrepreneurship in HK has been thriving recently and the number of startups has been on the rise. Not all succeed because, let’s face it, transforming an idea into a viable product is hard. That is, it is hard without the right tools, frameworks, customer and market focus.


RISE helps early-stage startups validate and fine-tune their idea and design a product that is the right fit for the market. It does so through an extremely thorough use of models and frameworks and also by bringing industry experts sharing their feedback and their recipes for success.


RISE is great for first time entrepreneurs or tech-heavy startups looking for market-driven product direction, as well as anyone looking to practically apply the tools that make businesses focused and successful.


If you have a passion for using technology to help lives of migrant women, and want to contribute to the benefit of society, we are looking to grow our development team.  Contact us at


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Presentation of Flippercast

After the Startup Weekend of April 2014, I found out about a new program organized by the same organizing team. RISE @ Cocoon should guide early startups on what would be next after SWHK. I was eager to learn more, because I felt that I was onto something with my idea, but it was still hard to define the path forward.


For my startup idea, Flippercast, I still needed to find the all combining element that would strike a chord with my target audience. The scope is broad, since I want to build a new open-source web content management sytem that eases collaboration between web designers and web developers. Feature creep easily happens. I hoped RISE @ Cocoon would be able to help me to discover the essence of my idea, and finding a way to build my MVP.


So it was thrilling to learn that Flippercast was accepted into the program. There were weekly gatherings together with 3 other teams. Every week we would get assignments to learn more about a topic in the Lean Startup methodology.


Now you might think ‘oh, I know about that already,’ which were my thoughts exactly. However, this is where I felt the program shines. During those gatherings we had workshops with mentors to exercise a topic. These workshops are great, because there is a big difference between reading about something and actually doing it.


We also did workshops on topics that were not applicable to the current stage of our startups, however likely to happen in the months up ahead. That was a nice introduction on what was to come, and to set focus for the current stage.


The mentors that participated in the progam were very hands-on, and gave great advice. Not only on methodologies, but also on things that would reflect whether you would be fit for running a startup, and encouragement to keep going.


The one thing that had the most impact, was the way of interviewing customers and relating this to customer discovery elements. The assignments were a great demonstration of the effectiveness, and it had a big influence on how I shaped my idea into a clear direction. With that I was able to explain myself better, and I believe this helped to excite others. Thanks to that I’m happy that I’ve been able to welcome 2 new co-founders to the team.


The program kept the startup buzz going after the Startup Weekend, and I can recommend anyone who is serious about continuing their idea after the weekend, to join this program the next time. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and you’ll learn exactly about what you’re up against. Give it a shot!


If you’d like to know more about what I’ve learned during the program, feel free to chat with me at the meetups I organize every friday. Just search for ‘Friday Beer Bay’ on


Post written by Bart Verkoeijen

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Learn how to get traction by Andrea Livotto

Startup Weekend has introduced many of you to Customer Development. You’ve learned how to “get out of the building” and validate your hypotheses. You’ve been on the journey to product/market fit. Some of you have reached a clear value proposition that really addresses the needs of a specific customer segment. Congratulations!

But once you get there, do you know how to scale the reach of your offer? Do you know how to give your product the popularity it really deserves?

Enter Traction, the new book by Gabriel Weinberg (founder of DuckDuckGo) and Justin Mares.

The authors interviewed 40 well known startup entrepreneurs – including Jimmy Wales, Alexis Ohanian and Noah Kagan to mention but a few – and analysed many more startups, to understand how their products reached traction. The results are some great insights into many different traction channels, and a very practical framework that you can apply in your own search for traction.

The book devotes 19 chapters to analysis and suggestions on as many traction channels. Some are online – from SEM and social ads to content marketing and email marketing – and some are offline – including trade shows, community building, and – yes – newspaper ads.

The most important observation the authors make is that, just based on the product you have, there is no way to tell in advance what traction channel may work for you. Because of this, the authors devised a framework that lets you consider all channels, and select a few to run some test on.

Only after some testing and measurements, can you then confidently focus all your marketing energies on the one channel that shows the most promise. Never select your channels just based on what you may think will work, or you may miss some great opportunities.

Traction is out at the end of August. I’ve had the luck to have early access to the book. I strongly believe its framework to search for traction is going to be as helpful to startups as Steve Blank’s customer development and Osterwalder’s business model canvas. I definitely advise you read it too.


Post written by Andrea Livotto, Director at Clarity – a web agency in Hong Kong – and organiser of many SWHK!









关于GSB(Global Startup Battle) 2014

全球创业竞赛(Global Startup Battle)是由创业周末发起的一项活动,旨在通过全球最大的一场创业比赛搭建一个氛围浓厚的全球创业社区,是联系全球各地的创业者的纽带。



2013年全球创业大赛总冠军的获得者Pawly  (一家开发互动宠物玩具的公司). 作为2013年的冠军获得者,他们的团队取得了2万美元的奖金,谷歌总部的参观机会(含机票及住宿),持续媒体报导、导师辅导以及产品推广等多方面的支持。







创业周末是一场验证创业想法的创业实践活动,而非项目demo show,每个人心中的创业想法都可以在这里得到实践和反馈。不可带已有的项目或正在开发中的项目参赛哦!













Startup Weekend创业周末背后的故事……


54小时的启动Weekend创业周末虽已结束,但是,54小时后的此刻,我的微博,微信依旧热度不减。 作为一个全程参与活动的主办人,想跟大家分享几个我看到的故事

1.来自导师的故事 他叫黄何,一个热心的小胡子,talkbox原中国区负责人。在talkbox还发展迅猛的时候因为参加了sw hk后,把自己对邮件的需求衍生为项目想法,开始了他的创业之路。在54小时内,他基本从早到晚在现场呆着,既充当导师,又充当工作人员,又是兼职翻译,帮每个团队理清思路,帮他们一起头脑风暴,每天嗓子哑着回到酒店。

2.来自抑郁症患者的故事 她叫钟琦,深度抑郁症患者。曾喝过农药,自杀过,九死一生。她的狗狗陪伴她度过最困难的时期,她想做个app,用她的狗狗作为原型,设计游戏,语音,陪伴和她一样的患者们。他们团队的技术开发者,是原本的项目发起者,在听到她的项目宣讲时,毅然决定,转到她的项目帮助她,他们的团队堪称本次活动人数最多的团队。无论最后项目如何,感谢所有人关注抑郁症患者的朋友们的爱心。前天,钟琦在群里跟大家说,医生说最近她已转为中度抑郁症患者,期待她早日康复。

3.来自对岸同胞的故事 他们是第一名的团队宠幸,项目人来自对岸宝岛,发起之初做的是一个叫pet needs的项目,最终的票选没有选上前十,直到那晚结束都还未组团成功,项目发起人并不放弃,四周游说技术人员和设计人员们,并在导师的辅导下确定了项目方向,开始努力开发。活动结束第二天,项目发起人便回到台湾了,也许团队解散,但是项目的意义对所有宠物主来说意义非凡。

4.来自蔡文胜老乡的故事 29号项目发起人,我对他印象尤为深刻,一口浓重的闽南口音普通话,第一个来到现场,怕大家听不懂他的普通话,一遍遍的向周围的人诉说他的项目想法,说完总是不停的说,里听不听的懂,我的普通话不biu准。直到第二天,还是很少人听懂他是做什么的,拼拼凑凑出三个人的团队,开始项目开发。蔡文胜笑称,在他身上看到十年前自己的影子。

5.来自别人口中的故事 有人加入了别人的团队,确因产品想法理念不同而成立的自己的团队。 有的团队在会场关闭后,跑到可通宵的地方,通宵干到凌晨5点。 有的团队,为了做项目市场调查,跑到古玩城做了一百多份问卷。 有人跑遍软件园让所有经过的人填写问卷 ……………… 这场活动,并不是传统的demo show,来练胆,来作秀。看秀的观众也许你会失望所看到的项目他们粗糙,不成熟。这场活动之于每个人他的收获各不相同,也许项目方向,也许合伙人,也许创业激情,也许只是一片吐槽。但是,不管如何,所有人的努力让人感动。 厦门的安逸环境也渐渐的把许多人内心的那份梦想压抑了,但从这54小时,我感受到的是他们内心重燃起的那份激情,他们对创业的理解和认识,他们对团队协作的精神,他们对突破自我的努力。 54小时的创业周末故事已渐渐被埋没,期待所有参加创业周末的人们你们后续的故事…… 人如果没有梦想,跟咸鱼有什么区别?! 造梦者,加油!

介绍成都创业周末评委Steve Li, 天使投资人, 抱团科技

Steve Li(See English Below)


成都有很多顶级导师和评委,首先向大家介绍的是Steve Li。

Steve Li抱团投资总监,Tap4Fun的天使投资人。


成都创业周末 #2 (11月14~16日)


SWCD#2 Spotlight: Steve Li, Angel Investor, BaoTuan

Get ready for another amazing edition of Startup Weekend in Chengdu in Nov 14-16. Amazing prizes. Interesting Judges and mentors. And the added interest of Global Startup Battle!

For Chengdu we have lots of great mentors and judges to tell you about. First up is Steve Li.

Steve Li is the Investment Director of BaoTuan, Tap4Fun’s angel fund. He is an enthusiast of mobile gaming industry and is interested in investing in the best gaming start-ups.

BaoTuan (抱团科技) is an angel investment fund serving and partnering with the world’s best mobile gaming entrepreneurs to present brilliant productions to players all around the world. As the subsidiary of Tap4Fun, the world’s top simulation game developer located in Chengdu, BaoTuan has a unique investment philosophy, industry insights and the ability to help start-ups on the whole process of running an unparalleled mobile game as well as building a long-term winning strategy and workforce.

Steve previously served as Business Development Director for the Chengdu Tianfu Software Park.

Startup Weekend Chengdu #2 (Nov 14-16)

11月14-16日: 第二轮创业周末 Nov 14-16: 2nd Startup Weekend Chengdu

Register now for Startup Weekend Chengdu #2 (Nov 14-16)

Startup Weekend is a global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. The non-profit organization is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 past events in 120 countries around the world.



Beginning with open mic pitches on Friday and ending on Sunday, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where anyone can share business ideas, get feedback from peers and create teams. Teams present their findings in front of local entrepreneur leaders, and get practical evaluation and feedback.

Whether entrepreneurs found companies, find a co-founder, meet someone new, or learn a skill far outside their usual job, everyone is guaranteed to leave the event better prepared to navigate the chaotic but fun world of startups.

2014年6月, 第一届成都创业周末顺利闭幕.89名参与者,40个想法,13支队伍,16位导师和评委,18家赞助商,这就是成都创业周末奇妙的第一次。
The first Chengdu Startup Weekend was successfully organized in June 2014 [see pictures]. There were 89 participants, over 40 ideas pitched, 13 teams formed, 16 mentors/ judges, and 18 sponsors!

Register now for Startup Weekend Chengdu #2 (Nov 14-16)


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